Magellan Center Gets A New Location!

New Magellan Center at Finlaggan_001

The Magellan Center has moved to Finlaggan!  Thanks to Allod Tolwen and Taika Wirsing, the center has found a new home!

Scott Carpaccio and Anna Loom, both past chairs of the Magellan Board, have each very generously hosted the Center in the past and have also made the Center’s build available to us.  I have finally gotten the Center set up and furnished.


New Magellan Center at Finlaggan_002

Map and Conference Room


New Magellan Center at Finlaggan_003

I have donated some furniture that I customed with the Magellan Sea Logo


New Magellan Center at Finlaggan_004

Our Current Board


New Magellan Center at Finlaggan_007

The adboards have been moved and are once again ready for use.  Please come in and advertise your business!  All proceeds are used to fund the Magellan Sea Community Classified Ad, used to promote our community within Inworldz.



New Magellan Center at Finlaggan_005

Looking out the back at the Island


New Magellan Center at Finlaggan_006

Back view from dock


Please stop by and check it out!

Thanks again to Scott, Taika and Allod!


Fair Winds and Following Seas,

Lannorra Sion, Chair


November Minutes

magellan-sea-logo copyright



November 5, 2017 Magellan Sea Board Meeting


Board Members In Attendance:
Scott Carpaccion, President
Daniel Carrigan, Treasure
Drew Hunter, Secretary
Calnia Westland, Promotions chair
Dawg Carragan, Special Events/Social Director chair

Special Guests In Attendance:
Orb Nim

The Meeting took place at the New Magellan Center
Scott Carpaccio: the meeting is called to order at 11:56am iwt


First Order of Business:
Scott and Calnia both gave notice that they would not be on the Board next year.
Scott will still be around for advice.

Reviewing and accepting last meetings Minutes
Lannorra was added to the list of members present last meeting
Scott called for a motion to accept last month’s minutes
Calnia so move, Daniel Seconded
Unanimous yes. Minutes accepted.

Daniel gave the Board his Treasurer’s Report
Scott called for a motion to accept the Treasure’s report
Calnia so move, Dawg seconded and report was accepted by Unanimous Vote.

Committee Reports:
Dawg reported all is well with the hunts. And reminded us that the Hunts are Bi-Monthly from now on.
No other Committee reports so on to Old Business

Old Business:
Update on removed illegal Regions:
The one between Daniel & Lannorra was removed.
The other one East of Phantom Isles was moved to the outside southern border.

Discussion of the Boat Rally came next.
Daniel still working on putting together a test run
The two Routs are mostly done.
No work on Pavilion done yet.

Reminder that Voting will close on Nov 30 Midnight.

New Business:

Scott reported he sent two members notices about charter violation
of not allowing access to their sims. No reply yet.

Rhihanna Island had ZERO prims on it, not sure if Lotte is giving it up.
Simmersal Region was also sent a reminder about access.

There was no other new business to report and Scott called for a motion to Adjourn
Calnia so move and Daniel seconded.
Meeting close by unanimous vote at 12:48pm IWT.


Minutes were recorded and written by Drew Hunter, Secretary.





October Minutes

magellan-sea-logo copyright



Magellan Meeting 10-15-2017

Scott called the meeting to order at 12:02pm

In attendance were:
Scott Carpaccio, Lannora Sion, Calnia Westland, Daniel Carrigan, Drew Hunter, Jewel Hunter


There were no changes called for last month’s minutes so a vote.
was called to accept it as is.   The vote was unanimous and the minutes accepted.

Next Scott called for committee reports.
Daniel gave the members a break down of the Treasure Report.

The Treasure’s report was accepted by unanimous vote.

Calnia reported that the newsletter went out last week Oct 13.

Topic then turned to new business and the Boat Rally.

Items of note:
Emily Largos got her sim placed
Suri Ana took over Trinity’s 2×2
Surie Ana was voted in as a Member (unanimous)

More planning meetings will take place.

Various task were taken on by members
list maker……………Drew
map…………………….Daniel and LMs for test runs
vendors……………..Jewel 8 sponsors so far
entertainment….. Calnia
pavilion ……………..Scott

Scott is taking care of sending out and collection notices and votes.

Scott Carpaccio: nominations need to be in by midnight 10/28.

Sad news reported that Scott and Calnia won’t be joining the new board in 2018.


As there was no additional new business.

The meeting was adjourned  by Scott, Calnia motioned, Drew seconded.

Recorded by Drew Hunter, Secretary.



September Minutes

magellan-sea-logo copyright


September 10th, 2017 noon IWT at the Magellan Sea Welcome Center.

Scott Carpaccio called the meeting to order at 12:03pm IWT.
In attendance were: Scott Carpaccio, Lannorra Sion, Daniel Carrigan, Dawg Carrigan, Drew Hunter.

The Board agreed to accept the minutes from the last meeting with some minor updates to the current totals from the treasure report (Daniel). Scott called the motion and it was seconded by Daniel and Dawg. Vote was unanimous.

The Current Treasurer Report was given by Treasure Daniel and a vote taken to accept the report.

Scott called for a motion to accept the report Dawg seconded and all members voted Aye.

Next the board took up Committee reports.

Hunt Committee Summary:
Dawg reported that the Hunts were proceeding along nicely, new members were coming on-board. Our members seem to be enjoying the Hunts. Our next hunt will be in Nov. The board decided that after the Dec Hunt, Hunts for 2018 would cut back to every other month to avoid burn-out of our members.

Boat Rally Committee Report Summary:
* The two Courses are now laid out.
* The Buoys are scripted and we have all region owners permissions to place the Buoys.
* DJ time slots are Scheduled (3-4, 4-5, 5-6). Hunt still on to finalize DJ’s and Hosts.
* Jewel Hunter is gathering Prize Donations from Magellan and Non Magellan members.
* The Rally has been placed in Events.
* Date has been set for Sat 10/21

The next board meetings will be held on 10/15 & 11/5.

It was noticed by Scott Carpaccio that the Annual Meeting is the first Sun in Dec (12/3 2017).
The Ballot and nomination process has been started.
Voting for new board members will be in Nov with results reported on the 12/3 meeting.

There was no new business to attend to so Scott called a motion to adjourn
Daniels seconded and the motion carried.
The Meeting was adjourned at 1:02 pm IWT

Minutes Reported by Drew Hunter, Secretary.

The 1st Oktober Beer Fest !!!!

The Rookerys Present:  Oktober Beer Fest


From:  Modee Parlez

When : Saturday 28th of October from 3 – 6 PM

Where :


Why : For the fun and my BD


What : 3 hours of fun beerfest music by DJ Melanie


Who : All are invited 🙂


EXTRA !!!!!! :

Dirndlwelt FREE outfits for gals and a Lederhosen for men created by Modee 🙂

(shoes not included nor are batteries ) Below here are some samples 🙂 ALL FREE

The vendor will be open during the day and till end of gig !!


Lederhosen Pub 08

Inaugural Magellan Sea Boat Rally


2017 Magellan Sea Boat Rally

October 21, 2017
3pm iwt with the first boats on the course by 4pm iwt

Magellan Sea Welcome Center  (

1- The rally is open to all Inworldz residents.

2- Preregistering your boat is recommended. There are two classes of boats, power and sail.  Contact Drew Hunter or Scott Carpaccio to register.

3- Sail a predetermined course based on clues and information.  At each location there will be a question that needs to be answered and a clue to the next port.

4- Crews will not need to get out of their boat to answer a question.

5- Boats leave the start line, one at a time, at predetermined intervals.  The boat with the most correct answers wins the rally.  A faster time breaks a tie.

3p – 4p DJ Ashley and DJ Griffin
4p – 5p DJ Gertie
5p – 6p DJ Arathorn



Fleet Day September 30, 2017!

FD 17 Invitation


September 30th 2017

The Rookery Seas & Black Powder Seas Community is proud to announce its 3rd Fleet Day in InWorldz!

The event will be to the benefit of RFL this year!


What Where Who :

Our program and show will take place all day long with battle and sail demonstrations.

All day long there be events such as a Fleet sail By, fireworks, gigs, live performance.

Come see what InWorldz has to offer on sailing and get the most beautiful freebies ever!

– Rezz a Kraken and explore the seas yourself


!! EVERYBODY welcome !!

— Opening Fleet day —

– 01:30 PM > 04:00 PM — Sim Tours, sail & Battle demonstrations

– 04:00 PM > 05:00 PM — Steven Strikker Live + “Jay Law Schooner” Raffle

– 05:00 PM > 05:30 PM — FIRE WORKS (confirmed )

– 05:30 PM > 06:00 PM — Fleet Sail By

– 06:00 PM > 07:30 PM — DJ BigMommaSweets + Izzie Raffle ( 1000 )

– 07:30 PM > 09:00 PM — DJ Griffin & Ashley Martin + Izzie Raffle ( 1000 )

– 09:00 PM > ??:00 AM — Closing Fleet Day

You must discover for yourself !!!!!!!

The Fleet Day Team