Magellan Sea A.G.M 2016 Minutes

The Magellan Annual General Board Meeting was held on Dec 4, 2016 at 12 noon. IWT.

Magellan Residents attending the Board Meeting were:

Anna Loom, Taika Wirsing, Scott Carpaccio
Drew Hunter, Fleugar Variscan, Glitz Carpaccio
stevey b, Lannorra Sion, Ciena Wyllo
Dawg Carrigan, Daniel Carrigan
The Meeting was opened by the current President Taika Wirsing at 12:11pm iwt.
She handed out notecards of the past meeting and other
communications from various board members.

After a few introductory remarks and a highlight review of the past year she happily turned over the Presidency & Head Chair to Scott Carpaccio (former Vice Chair) after 6 years Service to the Magellan Community.

Scott opened the meeting and introduced all the new board members and their positions:

The New Board Members as Elected are now:

President and Head Chair: Scott Carpaccio (former Vice Chair).
Vice Chair: Lannorra Sion (former Communications Officer)
Treasurer: Fleugar variscan (Returning)
Secretary: Drew Hunter (New Board Member)
Marketing/Promotions Officer: Ciena Wyllo (New Board Member)
Communications Director: stevey b (New Committee Chair)
Sailing Director: Daniel Carrigan (Returning Committee Chair)
Social Director: Dawg Carrigan (Returning Committee Chair)
After the introduction of all the new and returning board meeting Scott opened the discussion to public comments regarding the 2017 year Iw8 ahead.

Highlights of that discussion:

* Drew talked a little about his Magellan Walkable Map and invited all members of the Magellan Community to send him information about their regions so he could include it in the Map.

* Lannorra talked a bit about a new Magellan Rental Office program for members who have rental properties open to the public.

* Short discussion about the possibility of Open Sea Expansion or possibly Associate Connecting Region Owners (mostly in the South East area) willing to abide by the Magellan Charter.

* Scott said he would put together some information on the public comments for 2017 for the following meeting.

After the discussions ended and as there was not any New Business to attend to, Scott called for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Motion was made by Lannorra and seconded by Drew. The meeting adjourned at 12:51pm iwt.

The next board meeting is TBD.

We moved to The Dawg House for a small party.

–end of report—

Drew Hunter, Recording Secretary.

Magellan Minutes for September

Magellan Sea logo


Magellan Minutes 9/25/2016

The meeting was called to order at 12:25 pm IWT
Present were Fleugar Variscan, Lannorra Sion, Scott Carpaccio and Taika Wirsing.

There are currently vacancies at the Committee level, as the Magellan secretary
Tenshi Domenici resigned after the last meeting. Shortly thereafter, Community
Coordinator Kelly4U Lynn resigned due to personal issues. About an hour prior to this meeting, Cataplexia Numbers, who was named Social Coordinator at our last meeting, resigned.

Chair Wirsing suggested, with the Annual General Meeting only a few months away, that the Committee delay filling the positions until a new Committee can be elected. The Committee agreed.

As there is no secretary, the August Minutes are delayed. Lannorra Sion sent Wirsing the raw chat, and Wirsing will write up the minutes.

Fleugar Variscan, Treasurer, reported that the Magellan funds totalled 180,000 izzies. Wirsing advised Variscan of a new Magellan member, Bilbo Destiny, who is awaiting billing, who bought the Kingarrock quad from Wirsing late last week.

Taika Wirsing reviewed the procedures for the election of new officers, namely, all sim owners in Magellan are contacted and asked for nominations to the Committee. Nominees are to be either sim owners, their partners or their designee. In the past, there has been one Committee representative or Coordinator who CAN be a renter. It is not a requirement. The Committee/Coordinators do not HAVE to have a renter represented.

Discussion ensued whether a full sim renter who has been in Magellan for at least six months would be considered qualified to be nominated. No decision was made and more discussion will follow at the October meeting. Nominations should be sent to the current Chair (Wirsing) by October 29, as the Committee determined to meet on October 30 at 12:00 IWT to finalize the ballot.

Only sim owners and their partners can nominate and vote. Renters do not.

The final ballot will be sent out in early November with votes due back by December 2. There will be an Annual General Meeting on December 4th, again at Noon IWT, followed by a party. The avatar with the most votes will be the Chair, The Chair then aligns the Committee with the other top vote getters. [Note: a maximum
of two officers of the five core offices can be changed in any one election, per Charter.] The President can review any other votes for nominees who may be selected as Coordinators, although this is not a requirement.

Taika will write up a notecard explaining the process that can be sent to all the Magellan members and that Lannorra can post on the website. Scott has been doing a great service in cleaning up the Magellan Group so that it consists of actual sim owners and their partners.

The next main Agenda item is Ecstasyn, a sim in the Southern Magellan that has been in violation of the Magellan Charter for some time. Per the Charter, Scott has warned the owner four times (3 warnings and a final notice), waiting significant time between notices. He has also advised the renter and the owner of the group on the sim. He has even left messages in SL for the owner. To no avail. As a consequence, the Committee must take a vote on requesting that the sim be removed from Magellan.

The Committee shared their reluctance to take this step, while agreeing that it was essential to maintain the integrity of Magellan.

A motion was made (Carpaccio) and seconded (Sion) to remove the Ecstasyn sim. The vote was unanimous to remove it.

Another motion was made (Sion) and seconded (Carpaccio) to authorize Fleugar to cash out sufficient Izzies to have $15 to pay for the move.

Taika will write up the Support Ticket, and Fleugar will withdraw the funds (on Tuesday) to pay for the move.

More discussion about the mechanics of the AGM ensued.

Lannorra Sion asked whether the Magellan Center was advertised either in classified or land search. It is not. Discussion ensued regarding doing so, so that it can be more easily found. There will be more discussion in October.

A motion to adjourn was made (Sion) and seconded (Carpaccio) and unanimously supported. The meeting was adjourned at 1:11 PM.

Save The Date!

SAVE THE DATE! December 4 for Magellan Annual Meeting!

Magellan sim owners (and renters who would like to come) are all invited to the MAGELLAN ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING at Alinja on December 4 at 12 Noon!

The results of the Magellan Committee nominating and election process will be announced then!

It’s time for nominations to the Magellan Committee! According to the Magellan Charter, there are five (5) members on the Magellan Committee: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Communications are their portfolios. In addition to those five, the Magellan Committee seeks volunteer chairs for Sailing Competitions (assuming IWz figures out how to get good crossings back!), Cruising and Flying, Social Events, and Welcoming new Magellan residents. These positions are also part of the Magellan team.

Currently holding the Committee positions are Taika Wirsing, Scott Carpaccio, Lannorra Sion, Fleugar Variscan, with the Secretary position recently vacant. Other members are Daniel Carrigan, as leader of the Cruising arrangements.

Here’s the process: Magellan sim owners and their partners (sim owners = paying tier to IWz) may nominate avatars or self-nominate to serve on the Committee, however many that you would like, According to the Charter, only two of the five positions on the Committee can be changed at any one election, so at least three of the five will continue. Your vote helps determine who will leave and who will stay, and who might be added to the Committee…. so it’s important!

There has been the precedent for one Magellan renter to be a Committee representative, so if you owners know of someone who may be interested, DO nominate them! The renter should be a full sim (1/4 of a quad, at least) owner, have been a Magellan resident for at least 6 months, and enthusiastic about the promise of the Magellan concept..

Nominations should be sent to Scott Carpaccio or Taika Wirsing by October 28 by Midnight IWT.

The Final Ballot will then be sent out in early November to all Magellan sim owners and their partners, who are the only ones by Charter who can vote.

The results will be announced at the Magellan Annual Meeting at the Magellan Center on Alinja on December 4!

Get your nominations READY! and send them in!

Magellan Community Joins the Great Inworldz Discovery Tour!

Magellan Sea logo

The Magellan Community is pleased to announce that they have several sims participating in the Great Inworldz Discovery Tour on the Iz’s Oceans.  You can pick up your map and LMs from the docks at IDI, or from any of the Magellan sims highlighted below.  The Tour can be done in any order and a free temp rez boat (graciously provided by Bridget Jennings) is set up at each location.  So you are free to disembark and explore each destination.  When you are ready to resume the tour, just head back to where you docked and rez a new boat.  The boat carries a captain and 2 passengers!

Magellan Community Sims on the Tour:

#4 on the Tour is Phantom Isles (Lannorra Sion)


Phantom Isles is part of the Phantom Rose estates, a light role play area.  There are 6 sims to explore above and below the ocean surface.

#5a on the Tour is Gregory Harbor (Dawg Carrigan)


Gregory Habor is part of a 4 sim estate with lovely seascapes and lots of places to explore, including the next stop…

#5b on the Tour is Ayr Harbor (Daniel Carriagn)


Ayr Harbor is also the location of the IWCC  (Inworldz Cruising Club)  Sailing Center, the site of many Inworldz/Magellan planned Cruises.  Daniel has volunteered much time to planning and hosting Sailing activities.  They have free sailing lessons, a free copy of the Sunny Day sailing boat and lots more.

#6 on the Tour is Kittywake Flows (Kelly4U Lynn)


Kittywake Flows is part of a 4 sim estate, with a lovely natural setting that you will love exploring.

#7 on the Tour is Redneck Riviera (Calnia Westland)


Redneck Riviera is a fun location with a Ferris Wheel, Merry-go-round, bumper cars coming soon and lots more to explore.

#8 on the Tour is actually 2 stops, Loggos Harbor and Picnic Island (Scott Carpaccio)

Loggos Harbor


Loggos Harbor is a picturesque spot with old world buildings.  Part of a large 6 sim estate, there is much to explore, including underwater caves, airport, shops, and more.

Picnic Island


Picnic Island is a wonderful natural setting, perfect for romantic picnics and a scenic walk!

Please try out the Great Inworldz Discovery Tour.  There are many other destinations that will prove to be fun and interesting to explore!

Fair winds and Following Seas,

Lannorra Sion

Magellan Sea Showcase – Longacre

Magellan Sea logo

Welcome to our series of Showcase Articles of sims and estates in the Magellan Sea Community.  This time we will visit the 2×2 quad sims of Teal Etzel:  Longacre Meadows, Longacre, Longacre Ponds and Acreage at Longacre!

The Longacre Estate is located directly on the Iz’s Oceans in the southern Magellan region.  Teal has lovingly and beautifully landscaped them all.Screen-Shot-2016-01-28-at-10.15 (1)

When I asked Teal to describe her sims and her theme she answered:

“Simply put – I like landscaping and enjoy creating nice environments. It is not really any more complicated than that. Everyone is invited to explore, pic-nic take photos and generally take in the ambience of 4 regions at Longacre. The parklands are open to public to enjoy. Of course as part of the Magellan Sailing Community on the Iz ocean you can sail and fly over all regions.”

I have visited Teal’s lands and I can tell you they are so beautiful!  The landscaping is very natural, giving a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

The regions include:

Screen-Shot-2016-01-28-at-9.34 (1)

an old Abby


beautiful waterways

Screen-Shot-2016-01-28-at-10.05 (1)


Screen-Shot-2016-01-28-at-9.59 (1)


Screen-Shot-2016-01-28-at-10.28 (1)

waterfalls, a maze, a cave grotto and many more delights.

The Ruins are a great place to start you exploration, here is the Izurl:

Another great way is to sail over and cruise Lonacre’s shoreline and waterways, stopping to take in the sights.

My next blog will be on the new Rookery sims and Pirates… arrr!

Fair Winds and Following Seas,

Lannorra Sion

Magellan Sea Showcase – Dragon Seas

Magellan Sea logo

Welcome to the first in a series of showcase articles!  Each article will focus on one area of the Magellan Sea Community.  Our debut area is Dragon Seas:

Dragon Seas, Dragon (163, 163, 93)

The Dragon Seas consists of 4 navigable water sims.  These sims are open to everyone to sail on or thru.  The primary settlement here is Dragons Bay.  A small village and trading center with docks to sail your boats from, it offers a quaint area from the early 1800’s. There are a few homes available there. If you would want to live in Dragons Bay, please send an IM to Slyder Morgaine.  Izurl:

Next to Dragons Bay, to the North, is the southern most naval station, Fort Parlez.  It is used by the Continental Navy as their southern base of operations.  Izurl:

Fort Parlez, Dragon Seas North,(13, 21, 49)

Fort Parlez

 To the east of Dragons Bay is the Sand Fort.  A fort built and used by the early settlers of the area.  And most recently captured by pirates.  There are weekly battles here to try and re capture the fort.  Rumors have it that there are pirate treasure chests and gold inside for the takers of the fort.  Izurl:

The Sand Fort in Sargasso Sea, Dragons End (109, 186, 21)

Sand Fort

On the west side of Dragons Bay, the Straits or seas side, is The Dragons Bay Trading Company.

Dragons Bay trading Company building

The Dragons Bay Trading Company

Here goods are stored to be shipped to other trading centers through out the oceans. Weekly trading takes shipments of cargo to Gnorman’s Lair, a trade center in the Rookery Seas.  Another trade center is located in the Dutch Colony.  Negotiations are underway to open trade centers in the Black Powder Seas and other places at Inworldz.

If your community would like to establish a trade route, please IM Slyder Morgaine.

You can find Dragon Seas in the Southern Magellan area, just north of Phantom Rose.

Fair Winds and Following Seas,

Lannorra Sion

Minutes of Meeting – Jan 21, 2016

Magellan Sea logo


General Meeting Jan 21, 2016

Present: Taika Wirsing, Lannorra Sion, Scott Carpaccio, Dawg Gregory, Fleugar Variscan, Daniel Carrigan.

Taika opened the meeting at 17:04 IWT.

She asked for any corrections to the previous minutes; none were offered. Scott motioned to accept minutes, Dawg seconded motion. Passed unanimously.

Discussion on where it is best for Lannorra to post the minutes. It was agreed that she would post approved minutes on both the Forum and the blog.

Old Business:

Taika reported that most of the new officers to the Committee have been added to the group, but 2 still needed to be added and she would follow up with Anna on that. Members of the group should be able to post notices and rez at the office area.

Next the committee discussed the many Public rezzing areas that our members make available for guests. Taika asked if it was possible to put this on the map that Scott took over from Lannorra and is now enhancing and maintaining it. Scott feels he can come up with something. Lannorra offered to add a column on the Owners list, that can be used for sorting who has public rez areas. She and Scott will confer on this to see what can be done and to eliminate duplicate effort if necessary.

Taika thanked Scott for all the work he has been doing recently with the the Sim moves and new additions to our community. It takes a lot of back and forth communications, tracking folks down to get approvals from members to place new sims next to them. Thank you, Scott!

She announced our moves for the Northern Magellan area should be completed by “…late this week”. And asked for volunteers for Scott to call on if he needs help. Lannorra, Fleugar and Dawg all volunteered. Discussed need for notecarding permissions for future and communications with committee members.

Taika then moved on to activities for Magellan. It was noted that the Sailing activities were well represented and advertised. Scott asked if there were any flying activities within Magellan. Taika reported that Trouble Morgan on Headwinds is setting up a Unity farming system. Lannorra reported that her estate has Roleplay quests, a newly added Lewt System which allows for guests to gather resources and make free items, and the Opera House will be having a Ballet in Feb. Fleugar suggested a calendar of meetings and events for the Community. Gnorman Primswitch is runny a Grabby Marathon. Tenshi Domenici is planning a Grand Opening for his new estate. Taika directed Lannorra to start including these activities on the Forum and to the Blog. Dawg mentioned that the new Rookery Islands had their grand opening with an average of 10 people there for 2 hours!

Lannorra asked that owners please send her information and pictures, so she can do blog posts. She will be sending a notice out to the community asking for submissions. She has received one from Slyder Morgaine, Dragon Seas owner and that will be the first showcase blog post.

Taika called for any other Old Business. None noted.
New Business:

Taika reported that the IWZ7 is coming up and we have opportunity to make a Magellan sim exhibit. We all agreed that it would be a wonderful if some of our talented residents would form a group to work on this. Taika agreed to send out at notice calling for volunteers for this project.
Magellan Community area: The committee discussed the difficulty of fitting in all the new members would like to move to our community. We are expanding where we can, but all new land masses must be approved by neighboring sims, which doesn’t always come thru. There has been significant outward expansion in some areas and we will continue to place as many new people as we can.
Taika called for any other business. None noted.
The next meeting will be SUNDAY, Feb 28th 2016 at 2 PM IWT.

Meeting adjourned at 9:56 am IWT.


Fair Winds and Following Seas,

Lannorra Sion