Magellan Sea Meeting Minutes – January 23, 2011

Magellan Sea Meeting Minutes
Submitted by Sunny Day, Committee Secretary
At the meeting held yesterday, January 23, 2011, of the Magellan residents, the following items were addressed:

Chair: Us Vemo
21 Sim Owners and Residents present

1. Ownership of water sims

The founders have agreed to maintain the open waters of the Magellan Sea. However, many questions remain as to the ownership of the water sims. Remaining unresolved are prices and prim counts. There was some discussion about the purchase and ownership of the sims by the Magellan group. This issue was tabled until more information is available.

2. One time fee for landowners

A vote was taken to determine the one time charge to estate owners to cover costs for moving sims. It was decided to charge 3,000 Izs. An additional fee can be assessed later if it becomes necessary. These fees will be paid into a separate account to be created by the treasurer.

3. Election of committee members for the first six month period

The committee is comprised of 5 members who will lead subgroups as needed. Elected were Talia Fournier, Sunny Day, Chrystophur Silversmith, Anna Loom, and Anyraya Braveheart who will serve as treasurer. A motion was made and seconded to have the treasurer serve for a one year period.

4. Additional Items.

A suggestion was made to bestow an honorary title on Us for all his time and hard work on what was initially his dream. This will be discussed at later meetings.
Also, Chrystophur Silversmith has volunteered to do a blog of Magellan events.

A New Chapter

A new chapter has begun in the growth and development of the Magellan Sea.

On Sunday, January 23rd, the residents of Magellan gathered to elect the first community committee. Those selected include:

Anna Loom – Chairperson
Anyraya Braveheart – Treasurer
Chrystophur Silversmith – Marketing/PR
Sunny Day – Secretary
Talia Fournier – Community Development

The committee would like to thank all of those who voted and attended this historic meeting for their support and proposals.