Fasten Your Seatbelts!!!

Everyone who is reading this blog has at least a faint idea of Magellan Sea InWorldz and knows the main goal of the community: To connect various sims by sailable water once the physics engine is introduced to our marvelous grid.
We thought it might be a good idea to introduce you to the various sims belonging to Magellan Sea InWorldz and provide you with ideas on how to spend your spare time inworld.
However, there is something we would like to address before we entertain you with our adventures.
First of all, the order in which we visit sims is in no way intended to be a rating and should not be understood as such. Our writing for this blog does not mean we look down upon other sims not in the Magellan area. Both of us enjoy exploring the entire grid and spending time on different sims, and we will continue to write about it in our private blogs and praise whatever tickles our fancy at a time.
We are Mera Kranfel and Leanna Caerndow; both of us have our private homes on a sim belonging to Magellan Sea.
Mera Kranfel came to InWorldz in […] 2010. At the end of July, she bought her first sim, Lost River. A bit more than three months later, Mera moved her sim to Magellan and renamed it to Midsomer County. Here’s what Mera said on why she decided to become a part of Magellan:
“The Magellan area did appeal to me the minute I heard about it first time. But then I already had a sim on mainland so I didn’t do anything about it. But time changes, and we felt it was time to eventually take this step. I like the covenant in Magellan and it suits me a lot better than mainland with no covenants.”

Mera by Leanna
Leanna Caerndow came to InWorldz in August 2010. In early December, she heard of Midsomer County and went there to explore and meet Mera. They quickly became friends, talking a mile a minute about nothing and everything. Leanna is a huge fan of Scandinavia and likes to confuse the Scandinavian community with her odd mix of Norwegian and Swedish, with the occasional Finnish curse word tossed in for good measure.
In the next blog, we’ll talk a bit more about Magellan and its founder Us Vemo. We hope you’ll stay tuned and enjoy our exploring the Magellan Sea. Just you wait until you see us trying to hop on a boat O.O

Two Magellan Sea Sims Now Available!!!

Two adjoining Magellan Sea sims, Hawkside and Worcester, are now
available. If anyone in the Magellan Sea group wishes to purchase them, please
send a support ticket to Elenia Llewellyn. These sims are bound by the Magellan
Sea Charter, and first time sim buyers will be subject to a one-time fee of
$3,000 Iz’s for the Magellan Sea Escrow Account.

For additional information or answers to any questions, please contact Anna
Loom or any member of the Magellan Sea committee.