Reflections of Us Vemo

by Mera Kranfel & Leanna Caerndow

2us anna
Us Vemo and Anna Loom, founders of Magellan InWorldz

1. How did you find IW and when was that?

I have been following the OpenSim development for quite some time because I have been involved in the OpenSource world professionally. I thought that it was more interesting than SL. Some things happened in SL, and I started more actively to look for an alternative and stumbled on IW by coincidence really… and I liked what I saw. That was in July 2010. After a few days I asked Anna if she would like to come and see. We thought that IW may just be a place to come to relax every now and again – little did we think that after two days it would become home and we have never looked back.

2. When did you think of creating Magellan and why?

It was just after a week or so. I saw all these scattered sims, looking like the homesteads in SL, and I never liked that. We had been quite active in the sailing scene in SL and I have been participating in some races there, the last one was the huge America’s Cup that was so much fun with RL sponsors. However I really disliked all the intrigues and drama among the yacht clubs there, so I thought it would be good to start something fresh in here. For sailing, you need connected water, and so I posted the idea in the forum about creating a new kind of colony/community without the drama and that it should be run in a democratic way…

Most of the reactions were quite positive but some forum trolls did almost make me go away, give up the idea and leave IW. If it hadn’t been for Anna and her support and encouragement, there would have been no Magellan. By the way… the Magellan name was Anna’s idea. I soon realized that the founders did like the idea and that they were willing to support it… so I moved on.

3. How do you see the future of Magellan?

The committee has made changes which have remained along the original ideas. Having a committee proves that Magellan is a democratic group, not just a few people deciding everything. That is why I didn’t volunteer to stay on the committee after six months at the helm (In the charter it is stated that one should serve for a six month term as a committee member). I also think it is important that the majority power should not be concentrated with a few big landowners taking over. For the future success of Magellan it is important to keep those original thoughts and ideas in mind and to elect new people in the leading roles for the future.

I hope that when the Physics arrive and the new script engine is in place Magellan will be in the center of IW and a lot of activities will be going on there. Not only sailing and yachting, but also aircraft, spaceships and balloons. To be able to go between the two mainland continents and visit some of the greatest sims in IW will attract a lot of people. My wish was to make Magellan open for all the people in IW not just the sim owners there. No borders, no ban lines and no stupid security orbs! Just open friendliness! We can make a better virtual world together if we keep that in mind.

1us anna

4. Does it cost extra for a sim to become a member?

If I am correct the committee decided for 3,000 Iz’s for each estate. That means if you have 2 sims it is still 3,000 Iz’s. The conception for this payment which was in the original charter was to be sure that we had funds to move any disruptive sim out from Magellan. Magellan should not have too much commercialism, no violence and no porn. People can do what they like in their skyboxes but in the open and in public their actions should not be too provoking. The founders were clear about how they would assist the committee, in the case of a removal, but their costs needed to be covered… that was the reason for the fee. However up until now this has never been used… so it is just giving us interest rate… that was a joke. Of course there have been some minor disputes between neighbors, but they have always been solved in a friendly and positive way.

5. What are you doing when you’re inworld, and how do you relax?

We like to build all the stuff we use here. On our sims we have I think three objects we have not created ourselves. There is this amazing tree from Julia that I would never replace. Hmm, I don’t remember the other two things… lol, we might replace those…

I like to try and figure out how things are made, to fix the sculpties, textures and scripts… that’s my relaxation really. I have been a professional developer all my life, everything from assembler, C, and PHP even though the strategic part of it has been growing the last couple of years.

Anna loves building anything and everything that appears to be a challenge has to be tackled. Live Music plays an important part in relaxation and it is a chance to meet others and go to other sims.

Well, I have met some amazing people in here that I really like to talk to and learn from. My life has not been without troubles and I have found here people with so much wisdom and perspective. I have met love and some amazing friends in here and I hope I am able to be supportive to them in the same way they are to me.

Mera and Leanna on the Magellan map


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