Winner of Equinox Ice Sculpture Contest Announced!

The winner of Equinox’s Second Annual Ice Sculpture Contest and $5,000 Iz’s is LaToymaker!

Eight lovely sculptures were entered by IWz creators Koda Rae, TenBears Running, Noble Sionn & Bridget Jennings, Safar Fiertze, Wolf Hartnell & Teal Freenote, Cataplexia Numbers & Mike Chase, Strand Starsider and La Toymaker.
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). A panel of six judges, all creators in their own right, evaluated the entries against 6 metrics for a possible total of 300 points:
1. Meets rules
2. Effective use of Space
3. Clarity of Design
4. Effective Use of Ice/Snow Textures
5. Creative Use of Prims/Sculpties
6. Wow Factor

To give you an idea of how close the contest was, only 6 points separated the top two placed entries! There were very creative “visions of physX” which was the theme. One even represented speed, collisions and the effects of gravity.

A special Equinox Award for Humor was given to TenBears Running, for his excellent portrayal of patience in visions of physX. (See photo below.)

Please join me in congratulating these wonderful artists! It was fascinating to see their interpretations come together!

The Sculptures may be seen on Equinox and Equinox 2. Visitors should follow the ice road around and through the Village and the harbor. Do hurry though, as spring is coming and the sculptures will be melting away!

A replica of La Toymaker’s entry will be featured on the Equinox Mardi Gras float on Tuesday!


Second Annual Ice Sculpture Contest on Equinox Nearing Final Decision!

The six creator judges have voted. The results are being tallied! It is a very competitive contest! The challenge was to address the theme: Vision of PhysX.

The winner will be announced at a swinging pre Mardi-Gras party on Friday, February 17, featuring Cataplexia Numbers from 6 to 8 PM IWT at the Equinox Lodge.

Wonderful prizes are being offered….. more on that tomorrow!

Building Zoological Gardens in Western Magellan

“What would be a different, fun attraction for Magellan?” Magellan residents Cepheus Ceriano and Anna Neutron asked themselves. What would be a beautiful attraction that IWz doesn’t yet have, that would be a great destination for sailors, fliers, and everyday residents alike?

After exploring IWz, and much thought, an idea took shape: The Pink Flamingo Zoological Gardens, a beautiful place to relax and look at animals in natural environments, currently under construction on Nautilus. On the sim, you will not only find all kinds of animals, but also themed areas to look at, and a very romantic lovers lake, which invites cuddles under the stars. For more active visitors, a bike/cycle track circles the sim for all to enjoy.

Next door, on Firedog Island, a Biker’s dream is taking shape. This will be an exciting country ride with lots of twists and turns. For thirsty Bikers, the new club Tequila’s House of Blues is being built.

With frontage on the Iz Ocean, moorings are under construction for IWz’s jolly sailors to come ahoy. Anna and Cepheus invite all to feel free to drop by and take a look. “But wear a hard hat,” cautions Cepheus, “because we are still under construction!”

A Special Post from Anna Loom

The Magellan Sea: Community and Fun over Land, Sea and Air

Originally the vision for the Magellan Sea area was inspired by the Blake Sea in SL. The concept was that Magellan would be created by sim owners with one or more sims clustered together in ways that encouraged community AND the ability to boat and fly. The concept of scenic water sims is one of the tools envisioned to help important connecting areas remain affordable and accessible.

The intention was that the Iz Ocean should connect between the two mainlands, though the Eastern side still presents some challenge.

All of this means that planning and coordination is required for placing sims, so that all of the area communities – including the Mainland folks and all those around the Iz Straits – can enjoy the benefits of IWz and the foresight of the Founders to create these common waterways. Magellan established a Charter, approved by the Founders, to help manage this process.

With the prospect of a sizeable area becoming available for new development, we ask that all who are interested in joining this community to contact Anna Loom (Chair) or Taika Wirsing (Community Development). Per the Charter, an application should include the name of the Estate and the regions that propose to be part of the Magellan Sea, the full avatar name of all the owners of the Estate, a contact email address for the sim owner, and a landmark to the Estate. If the sims do not yet exist, a statement about the planned themes is requested. Sims must conform to the Magellan Charter which limits height and commercial areas and specifies no ban lines and high sky platforms, if any, and the theme in place in that area. Upon inquiry, the full Covenant will be sent to the applicant. Upon acceptance of the application, there is a one time payment of $3,000 Iz’s per Estate (comprised of however many sims) due prior to sim placement.

It would also be helpful to include some information on applicant hopes for expansion or other considerations that may be helpful in planning.

As of this writting, there is no announced timetable, and the Magellan Committee will post information as it becomes available. Thank you to all who would consider Magellan as their home, and the many, many IWz residents who would enjoy the resource. And, as always, thanks to our Founders for their willingness to experiment and innovate in this virtual community setting.

Magellan News

After a long absence, the Magellan Blog is Back! And not a moment too soon! The Iz Ocean and the Iz Straits can be sailed and flown. There have been a stream of craft, and even freighters, with non-physX scripts, plying the waves. PhysX is almost imminent, as the grid’s foundation code has been declared just about ready to handle it.

Magellan residents are busily building docks and harbors, helipads and boat rezz places, motorbike tracks, all sorts of resources to take advantage of PhysX when it is unveiled.

This blog (and the attendant twitter account) will do its best to keep up with some of the happenings in Magellan. This will include fun things, and – if there is reader interest – regular updates from the Magellan Committee on the duller, but important, committee meetings – as well as info on new residents, activities and so on. It will need everyone’s help to do so! So pictures and descriptions and notes about upcoming activities will be totally welcomed (as will decent lead times for posting time sensitive items!)