Magellan News

After a long absence, the Magellan Blog is Back! And not a moment too soon! The Iz Ocean and the Iz Straits can be sailed and flown. There have been a stream of craft, and even freighters, with non-physX scripts, plying the waves. PhysX is almost imminent, as the grid’s foundation code has been declared just about ready to handle it.

Magellan residents are busily building docks and harbors, helipads and boat rezz places, motorbike tracks, all sorts of resources to take advantage of PhysX when it is unveiled.

This blog (and the attendant twitter account) will do its best to keep up with some of the happenings in Magellan. This will include fun things, and – if there is reader interest – regular updates from the Magellan Committee on the duller, but important, committee meetings – as well as info on new residents, activities and so on. It will need everyone’s help to do so! So pictures and descriptions and notes about upcoming activities will be totally welcomed (as will decent lead times for posting time sensitive items!)


One thought on “Magellan News

  1. How great to see the Blog up and running again! There is so much happening in Magellan right now. The Yacht clubs are waiting and boats can cross sims without even a hiccough! Sim Crossing has to be the greatest PLUS ever and Tranq tells me that it will even better .. I don't see how – but it will!

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