One Can Almost Always Find Music at Poseidon

IF you’re ever looking for something to do in InWorldz, it would be worth keeping Poseidon in mind. This is TIGGS Beaumont’s sim, and she has wonderful musical events practically every day! (she truly doesn’t miss many days, and often has multiple performances on the same day!)

Top talent visit her place, performers such as Strummer Vultee, CelticMaidenWarrior, LXIX, SCOFI, GANJO, Blueron Clyburn, Russell Eponym….. and more wonderful live talent!

The scenery is lovely too! Great for dancing, visiting, or just listening!

So, check the IWz Events calendar on the login page, or community on the InWorldz website, and mosey on down to the SIRENS showplace at the Poseidon sim, located right on the Iz Straits in the Magellan area…..gateway to the South Magellan and beyond!