Peek-a-Boo with PhysX

It is almost here!  What?  PHYSX!   The discussions on the forum ( are scintillating!  Yes, PhysX Phase I is already up on many sims, still being crowd tested for a grid-wide rollout!  Then, more rollouts should follow in quick succession…. especially if no major problems are found with Phase I.  It’s all very exciting!

There are rumors of an improved mesh by Spring Solstice!  For insights on what THAT means, check out the InWorldz site at  Check out Balpien’s guest post on Vehicles and Physical Objects in PhysX, and some Forum discussions too.  From all we are hearing, these enhancements are very much worth the wait!

For us in Magellan, THAT means sailing is just around the corner!  WE NEED SAILORS!  There are wonderful sims available in Magellan….for sale (IM Anna Loom for available Magellan sites) AND for rent or lease!  Check the LM Board at IDI.  Visit the Magellan Welcome Center at Alinja and pop around the sims on the map.  There’s a growing base of scenic sims too!  Perfect for fun boating and sailing!  Many with pleasant picnic areas and scenic overlooks! 

Future posts will explore some of the Marinas in Magellan (moor your boat!) and some of the airports for your private plane.  If you are a sailor, or a boat builder….. maybe with experience in handling sailing events and regattas, DO volunteer your expertise to Anna Loom!

Meanwhile, come, explore Magellan!  Put down some roots and get to know the area!  There are places for us Landlubbers, and wonderful environments for more fanciful denizens, both above and below the sea!