The Magellan Community is Growing!

Let’s all give a warm, Magellan welcome to Kent Messmer and his partner, Rowan Aurbierre, who have purchased Mystic and Mystic Seaport in northeastern Magellan!

Kent is an avid and experienced sailor and race director in Second Life, residing in Sailor’s Cove.  He has also been known to give a sailing lesson now and then, and is an experienced estate manager.   It sounds like the Magellan community will have great fun tapping into Ken’s experience in organizing sailing events, regattas and cruises!  Partner Rowan notes she is a sailing beginner, but an enthusiastic sailor and crew member.  She too is an experienced estate manager, and loves to plan and organize social events.  In Second Life, Rowan plays a role in organizing Sailor’s Cove’s 3-day concert series for Sail For Life, a Relay for Life event that has been held for the last three years.

Kent and Rowan are busy working on their sims (see above), and are looking forward to being active members in the Magellan Sea community and to help organize InWorldz and Magellan events!

Justin Meyer has moved two sims to the southern part of Magellan.  DanCoDi is named for Justin’s three children and is a work in progress.  Currently it features waterfalls, three homes, numerous boats, docks, and a lighthouse.  A store is planned for the future.  Justin’s daughter Cindy Meyer is a builder and built the lighthouse as well as Justin’s photostudio, located on a sky platform in a magnificent three story build.

Naporia is a lovely scenic, with docking areas and land to enjoy.  Justin is also a DJ, and often performs at FogHorn over on Scrimshaw.  We look forward to Justin’s performing in some upcoming Magellan events too!  Justin’s sims are not just fascinating above the waterline. He has been busy designing environments below the surface too!

Magellan has more new residents to be introduced, so watch for more postings very soon!