Sailing Update!

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Sailing updates 2014-2015 by Lamat Lisle

“Nothing but gooooood news!”

Lamat presented her Sailing update at the last meeting.  Here are some highlights:

She has been busy collecting sailing scripts from the SL Sailing Community.

“Mothgirl Dibou (who developed the Flying Fizz in IW) has been so kind to give me her scripts full perms and also her windsetter, the WWC wind system, which everyone uses to race in SL. The Flying Fizz scripts are very complex and it will take a while before I can adjust them for IW use.” 

“However; the BWind 1.37 sailing scripts by Becca Moulliez are already used in IW (Tenbears and Bridget made some boats with them), but still it doesn’t come anywhere near real sailing experience close to what we are used to in SL.”

She has been busy working on the BWind scripts with some help from Balpien Hammerer and Tranquility Dexter.  And …

“In the meantime I am working on a boat that uses both BWind and the famous WWC race wind in a menu choice. In combination with a windsetter that defines the winds waves and currents, for all participating boats in a race, this will be a very nice feature and it  can also be set to cruise  wind. I managed to adjust those scripts to make them suitable for IW and I am laying the last hand on a racing dinghy (470 Olympic boat) that will be released in just a few weeks, together with the WWC wind system.”

Lamat also said she has news that Becca Moulliez ( BWind) is going to release her 2.0 version of the script full perms soon and Lamat will ask her to release it to Inworldz also. This will be another step forward in the way a boat reacts more realistically to winds, waves, and etc.

Lamat has been chosen to be a member on the SLSAILING.CO (OSSSP) forum. This board is trying to develop a new sailing script. The goal is to create a full Open Source package for builders in SL. And Lamat will take it to Inworldz.  The forum is now also looking to Inworldz Sailing and Lamat thinks we might also get “racing startlines”.

She will next ask the founders for permissions to set up race buoys to set up a racing course in the Iz’s Oceans and Straits.

In closing, Lamat told the members:

“Cruising and racing in IW will soon be here and we also will see some great boats in the near future with a REAL sailing feel! Daniel Carrigan is already organising cruising trips on sundays, and many more will follow as soon as we have the boats ready and running. 

All in all, things are looking great for 2015!”

My next Blog post will have information about the many Boating Rez areas of the Magellan Community!

Fair Winds and Following Seas,



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