Changes abound at Magellan Seas!

Magellan Sea logo

In the past few months, the Magellan Seas community has had some massive changes due to the new 2×2 quad sim land configuration!  Many of our members have taken advantage of this new opportunity and have expanded, converted and even moved.

As Community Liaison Officer for Magellan, I have been keeping excel spreadsheets of all our members with their sim/scenic names and locations.  In addition, I have made another spreadsheet that uses the cells as map coordinates, so I have my own map of our area.

Once the changes have settled down, I will have both of these spreadsheets updated and will blog about some of our newest sims.

I would like to invite our community members to submit short descriptions and pictures that describes their lands, to me to help me get blogs out quicker.  Please put them into a folder and drop on me, with an IM to let me know you sent them.

With all the new changes to our community, I need some help in getting the word out and hope to hear from you all soon!

Fair Winds and Following Seas,