Magellan Sea Showcase – Dragon Seas

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Welcome to the first in a series of showcase articles!  Each article will focus on one area of the Magellan Sea Community.  Our debut area is Dragon Seas:

Dragon Seas, Dragon (163, 163, 93)

The Dragon Seas consists of 4 navigable water sims.  These sims are open to everyone to sail on or thru.  The primary settlement here is Dragons Bay.  A small village and trading center with docks to sail your boats from, it offers a quaint area from the early 1800’s. There are a few homes available there. If you would want to live in Dragons Bay, please send an IM to Slyder Morgaine.  Izurl:

Next to Dragons Bay, to the North, is the southern most naval station, Fort Parlez.  It is used by the Continental Navy as their southern base of operations.  Izurl:

Fort Parlez, Dragon Seas North,(13, 21, 49)

Fort Parlez

 To the east of Dragons Bay is the Sand Fort.  A fort built and used by the early settlers of the area.  And most recently captured by pirates.  There are weekly battles here to try and re capture the fort.  Rumors have it that there are pirate treasure chests and gold inside for the takers of the fort.  Izurl:

The Sand Fort in Sargasso Sea, Dragons End (109, 186, 21)

Sand Fort

On the west side of Dragons Bay, the Straits or seas side, is The Dragons Bay Trading Company.

Dragons Bay trading Company building

The Dragons Bay Trading Company

Here goods are stored to be shipped to other trading centers through out the oceans. Weekly trading takes shipments of cargo to Gnorman’s Lair, a trade center in the Rookery Seas.  Another trade center is located in the Dutch Colony.  Negotiations are underway to open trade centers in the Black Powder Seas and other places at Inworldz.

If your community would like to establish a trade route, please IM Slyder Morgaine.

You can find Dragon Seas in the Southern Magellan area, just north of Phantom Rose.

Fair Winds and Following Seas,

Lannorra Sion


Minutes of Meeting – Jan 21, 2016

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General Meeting Jan 21, 2016

Present: Taika Wirsing, Lannorra Sion, Scott Carpaccio, Dawg Gregory, Fleugar Variscan, Daniel Carrigan.

Taika opened the meeting at 17:04 IWT.

She asked for any corrections to the previous minutes; none were offered. Scott motioned to accept minutes, Dawg seconded motion. Passed unanimously.

Discussion on where it is best for Lannorra to post the minutes. It was agreed that she would post approved minutes on both the Forum and the blog.

Old Business:

Taika reported that most of the new officers to the Committee have been added to the group, but 2 still needed to be added and she would follow up with Anna on that. Members of the group should be able to post notices and rez at the office area.

Next the committee discussed the many Public rezzing areas that our members make available for guests. Taika asked if it was possible to put this on the map that Scott took over from Lannorra and is now enhancing and maintaining it. Scott feels he can come up with something. Lannorra offered to add a column on the Owners list, that can be used for sorting who has public rez areas. She and Scott will confer on this to see what can be done and to eliminate duplicate effort if necessary.

Taika thanked Scott for all the work he has been doing recently with the the Sim moves and new additions to our community. It takes a lot of back and forth communications, tracking folks down to get approvals from members to place new sims next to them. Thank you, Scott!

She announced our moves for the Northern Magellan area should be completed by “…late this week”. And asked for volunteers for Scott to call on if he needs help. Lannorra, Fleugar and Dawg all volunteered. Discussed need for notecarding permissions for future and communications with committee members.

Taika then moved on to activities for Magellan. It was noted that the Sailing activities were well represented and advertised. Scott asked if there were any flying activities within Magellan. Taika reported that Trouble Morgan on Headwinds is setting up a Unity farming system. Lannorra reported that her estate has Roleplay quests, a newly added Lewt System which allows for guests to gather resources and make free items, and the Opera House will be having a Ballet in Feb. Fleugar suggested a calendar of meetings and events for the Community. Gnorman Primswitch is runny a Grabby Marathon. Tenshi Domenici is planning a Grand Opening for his new estate. Taika directed Lannorra to start including these activities on the Forum and to the Blog. Dawg mentioned that the new Rookery Islands had their grand opening with an average of 10 people there for 2 hours!

Lannorra asked that owners please send her information and pictures, so she can do blog posts. She will be sending a notice out to the community asking for submissions. She has received one from Slyder Morgaine, Dragon Seas owner and that will be the first showcase blog post.

Taika called for any other Old Business. None noted.
New Business:

Taika reported that the IWZ7 is coming up and we have opportunity to make a Magellan sim exhibit. We all agreed that it would be a wonderful if some of our talented residents would form a group to work on this. Taika agreed to send out at notice calling for volunteers for this project.
Magellan Community area: The committee discussed the difficulty of fitting in all the new members would like to move to our community. We are expanding where we can, but all new land masses must be approved by neighboring sims, which doesn’t always come thru. There has been significant outward expansion in some areas and we will continue to place as many new people as we can.
Taika called for any other business. None noted.
The next meeting will be SUNDAY, Feb 28th 2016 at 2 PM IWT.

Meeting adjourned at 9:56 am IWT.


Fair Winds and Following Seas,

Lannorra Sion