Magellan Community Joins the Great Inworldz Discovery Tour!

Magellan Sea logo

The Magellan Community is pleased to announce that they have several sims participating in the Great Inworldz Discovery Tour on the Iz’s Oceans.  You can pick up your map and LMs from the docks at IDI, or from any of the Magellan sims highlighted below.  The Tour can be done in any order and a free temp rez boat (graciously provided by Bridget Jennings) is set up at each location.  So you are free to disembark and explore each destination.  When you are ready to resume the tour, just head back to where you docked and rez a new boat.  The boat carries a captain and 2 passengers!

Magellan Community Sims on the Tour:

#4 on the Tour is Phantom Isles (Lannorra Sion)


Phantom Isles is part of the Phantom Rose estates, a light role play area.  There are 6 sims to explore above and below the ocean surface.

#5a on the Tour is Gregory Harbor (Dawg Carrigan)


Gregory Habor is part of a 4 sim estate with lovely seascapes and lots of places to explore, including the next stop…

#5b on the Tour is Ayr Harbor (Daniel Carriagn)


Ayr Harbor is also the location of the IWCC  (Inworldz Cruising Club)  Sailing Center, the site of many Inworldz/Magellan planned Cruises.  Daniel has volunteered much time to planning and hosting Sailing activities.  They have free sailing lessons, a free copy of the Sunny Day sailing boat and lots more.

#6 on the Tour is Kittywake Flows (Kelly4U Lynn)


Kittywake Flows is part of a 4 sim estate, with a lovely natural setting that you will love exploring.

#7 on the Tour is Redneck Riviera (Calnia Westland)


Redneck Riviera is a fun location with a Ferris Wheel, Merry-go-round, bumper cars coming soon and lots more to explore.

#8 on the Tour is actually 2 stops, Loggos Harbor and Picnic Island (Scott Carpaccio)

Loggos Harbor


Loggos Harbor is a picturesque spot with old world buildings.  Part of a large 6 sim estate, there is much to explore, including underwater caves, airport, shops, and more.

Picnic Island


Picnic Island is a wonderful natural setting, perfect for romantic picnics and a scenic walk!

Please try out the Great Inworldz Discovery Tour.  There are many other destinations that will prove to be fun and interesting to explore!

Fair winds and Following Seas,

Lannorra Sion