Magellan Minutes for September

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Magellan Minutes 9/25/2016

The meeting was called to order at 12:25 pm IWT
Present were Fleugar Variscan, Lannorra Sion, Scott Carpaccio and Taika Wirsing.

There are currently vacancies at the Committee level, as the Magellan secretary
Tenshi Domenici resigned after the last meeting. Shortly thereafter, Community
Coordinator Kelly4U Lynn resigned due to personal issues. About an hour prior to this meeting, Cataplexia Numbers, who was named Social Coordinator at our last meeting, resigned.

Chair Wirsing suggested, with the Annual General Meeting only a few months away, that the Committee delay filling the positions until a new Committee can be elected. The Committee agreed.

As there is no secretary, the August Minutes are delayed. Lannorra Sion sent Wirsing the raw chat, and Wirsing will write up the minutes.

Fleugar Variscan, Treasurer, reported that the Magellan funds totalled 180,000 izzies. Wirsing advised Variscan of a new Magellan member, Bilbo Destiny, who is awaiting billing, who bought the Kingarrock quad from Wirsing late last week.

Taika Wirsing reviewed the procedures for the election of new officers, namely, all sim owners in Magellan are contacted and asked for nominations to the Committee. Nominees are to be either sim owners, their partners or their designee. In the past, there has been one Committee representative or Coordinator who CAN be a renter. It is not a requirement. The Committee/Coordinators do not HAVE to have a renter represented.

Discussion ensued whether a full sim renter who has been in Magellan for at least six months would be considered qualified to be nominated. No decision was made and more discussion will follow at the October meeting. Nominations should be sent to the current Chair (Wirsing) by October 29, as the Committee determined to meet on October 30 at 12:00 IWT to finalize the ballot.

Only sim owners and their partners can nominate and vote. Renters do not.

The final ballot will be sent out in early November with votes due back by December 2. There will be an Annual General Meeting on December 4th, again at Noon IWT, followed by a party. The avatar with the most votes will be the Chair, The Chair then aligns the Committee with the other top vote getters. [Note: a maximum
of two officers of the five core offices can be changed in any one election, per Charter.] The President can review any other votes for nominees who may be selected as Coordinators, although this is not a requirement.

Taika will write up a notecard explaining the process that can be sent to all the Magellan members and that Lannorra can post on the website. Scott has been doing a great service in cleaning up the Magellan Group so that it consists of actual sim owners and their partners.

The next main Agenda item is Ecstasyn, a sim in the Southern Magellan that has been in violation of the Magellan Charter for some time. Per the Charter, Scott has warned the owner four times (3 warnings and a final notice), waiting significant time between notices. He has also advised the renter and the owner of the group on the sim. He has even left messages in SL for the owner. To no avail. As a consequence, the Committee must take a vote on requesting that the sim be removed from Magellan.

The Committee shared their reluctance to take this step, while agreeing that it was essential to maintain the integrity of Magellan.

A motion was made (Carpaccio) and seconded (Sion) to remove the Ecstasyn sim. The vote was unanimous to remove it.

Another motion was made (Sion) and seconded (Carpaccio) to authorize Fleugar to cash out sufficient Izzies to have $15 to pay for the move.

Taika will write up the Support Ticket, and Fleugar will withdraw the funds (on Tuesday) to pay for the move.

More discussion about the mechanics of the AGM ensued.

Lannorra Sion asked whether the Magellan Center was advertised either in classified or land search. It is not. Discussion ensued regarding doing so, so that it can be more easily found. There will be more discussion in October.

A motion to adjourn was made (Sion) and seconded (Carpaccio) and unanimously supported. The meeting was adjourned at 1:11 PM.


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