Magellan Sea A.G.M 2016 Minutes

The Magellan Annual General Board Meeting was held on Dec 4, 2016 at 12 noon. IWT.

Magellan Residents attending the Board Meeting were:

Anna Loom, Taika Wirsing, Scott Carpaccio
Drew Hunter, Fleugar Variscan, Glitz Carpaccio
stevey b, Lannorra Sion, Ciena Wyllo
Dawg Carrigan, Daniel Carrigan
The Meeting was opened by the current President Taika Wirsing at 12:11pm iwt.
She handed out notecards of the past meeting and other
communications from various board members.

After a few introductory remarks and a highlight review of the past year she happily turned over the Presidency & Head Chair to Scott Carpaccio (former Vice Chair) after 6 years Service to the Magellan Community.

Scott opened the meeting and introduced all the new board members and their positions:

The New Board Members as Elected are now:

President and Head Chair: Scott Carpaccio (former Vice Chair).
Vice Chair: Lannorra Sion (former Communications Officer)
Treasurer: Fleugar variscan (Returning)
Secretary: Drew Hunter (New Board Member)
Marketing/Promotions Officer: Ciena Wyllo (New Board Member)
Communications Director: stevey b (New Committee Chair)
Sailing Director: Daniel Carrigan (Returning Committee Chair)
Social Director: Dawg Carrigan (Returning Committee Chair)
After the introduction of all the new and returning board meeting Scott opened the discussion to public comments regarding the 2017 year Iw8 ahead.

Highlights of that discussion:

* Drew talked a little about his Magellan Walkable Map and invited all members of the Magellan Community to send him information about their regions so he could include it in the Map.

* Lannorra talked a bit about a new Magellan Rental Office program for members who have rental properties open to the public.

* Short discussion about the possibility of Open Sea Expansion or possibly Associate Connecting Region Owners (mostly in the South East area) willing to abide by the Magellan Charter.

* Scott said he would put together some information on the public comments for 2017 for the following meeting.

After the discussions ended and as there was not any New Business to attend to, Scott called for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Motion was made by Lannorra and seconded by Drew. The meeting adjourned at 12:51pm iwt.

The next board meeting is TBD.

We moved to The Dawg House for a small party.

–end of report—

Drew Hunter, Recording Secretary.