March Board Minutes

Magellan Sea logo


Board Meeting 3/26/2017

In attendance were:

Scott Carpaccio
Lannorra Scion
Drew Hunter
Calnia Westland
Daniel Carrigan
Dawg Carrigan
The Meeting was called to order at at 12:03 pm iwt.

The minutes from last months meeting were presented for acceptance as is. Calnia moved to accept the minutes, seconded by Daniel. Minutes approved by unanimous vote.

The current Treasury Report was presented to the board by interim Treasurer Scott Carpaccio. It was noted that funds were received. Drew motioned to accept the report, seconded by Calnia and passed unanimously.

Drew asked how much it costs to move a 2×2. Scott informed the board It currently costs $30 to move a 2×2.

Committee discussion began with the Marketing committee to come up with ideas on a way to get the Magellan “brand” out there in front of residents. With new residents coming to Inworldz, and existing resident, Scott felt many residents may not be aware of the Magellan option.

Drew brought up the idea of the classified ad, Scott mentioned something about maybe a possibility of having something on IDI, Calnia said she woudl begin to post in the free Ad groups and Lannorra pointed out that Magellan is now in the land search.

Calnia asked if Magellan was in the Explorer HUD. AS we are not sure on this Calnia offered to follow up with Judy Dressler on this issue.

The marketing campaign concluded with a discussion on posting in offline forums. The board agreed this would be a good idea. Motion made by both Calnia and Drew, seconded by Lannorra, passed unanimously.

There were no additional committee reports at this time so the board on to other business.

With regard to he new Magellan land rental office, Lannorra informed the board a resident wanted to know if commercial rentals would be included. It was decided by the board that yes commercial rentals can be accepted. People sending in the LM’s to the rental office must be Magellan residents and the board was agreed there should be two land rental “givers”, one for residential and one for commercial.

Drew mentioned the need for the rental givers to be better known to residents and suggested a monthly newsletter in the form of a notecard. Lannorra noted that would be a good topic for the blog as well as social sites. Drew offered to begin publishing a monthly newsletter. So the work flow will be Drew creating the newsletter (Calnia also offered to help with the publishing) and sending it to Lannorra to post on the blog.
Discussion moved on to the new Marketing Magellan account. Scott informed the board an avi was created (Marketing Magellan) for the purpose of collecting funds via ad boards, donations and the sale of donated items. These funds are earmarked for promoting the awareness of Magellan throughout Inworldz as we cannot use the general funds for this per Charter. Scott will create a donation kiosk before the next meeting.

Ad boards were then discussed at some length regarding rate to charge and location placement, commercial and residential. It was decided that the rate should be less than what it costs to place a classified, which is 50lz and should be open to both commercial and residential ads. The boards will be self service so no ongoing board updating will be needed. Lannorra made a motion to move forward with this, seconded by Scott and approved unanimously.

Numbers for the hunt were good given the newness of it to Magellan. Dawg mentioned that two weeks for a hunt may be to long so the next hunt would be shortened. Overall the hunt was a success and Magellan will continue with additional hunts. Lannorra suggested the hunts would make a great topic for the blog and Calnia said also for the newsletter.

It was decided the next hunt in April would be an Easter hunt for eggs.

The meeting was called for adjournment at 12:57pm iwt and passed unanimously.
The next meeting date is TBD..

Recorded by Scott Carpaccio, Chair for Drew Hunter, Secretary.


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