Magellan Sea Gets new Welcome Center!


Magellan Sea logo

Recently the Magellan Sea Community located at the Inworldz Grid, relocated its Welcome Center.  Scott Carpaccio, Chair of the Magallan Board and owner of several sims in the Community, has donated land for the rebuild of the existing center.

We would like to tender our heartfelt thanks to Anna Loom, a founding member of the Community, who for many years hosted the Welcome Center.  Due to RL, Anna has had to cut back on her time at Inworldz and therefore a new location needed to be found.

new Magellan center_001

For members and guests who have visited the Center, you may recognize the over all look.  Keeping our same theme, Scott has recreated the Center.

new Magellan center_003


The new landing spot, gives visitors a quick over-view of Magellan, with information easily accessible.  You can see the givers for the Charter, General Information, Rentals and our new Magellan wide Hunts!

new Magellan center_011

There is a new Map room, where residents and visitors can see the entire Magellan Sea Community.

new Magellan center_012

Scott created (and maintains) this amazing map, with icons that indicate whether a sim has Role play, Underwater areas, Public rez areas for boats and planes, and Airports.  The map has a wealth of information, including the boxes on the bottom that will give you information if you click them.  Including our Social Media connections.

new Magellan center_006

Adjacent to the Map room is our Magellan Staff member on-line indicators.  Board members are available to answer questions and help in any way that they can.

new Magellan center_008

Across from the Map room and online wall, is our latest addition:  Ad boards and Fund Raiser Products.  These ad boards are available to our Residents to advertise their sims and rentals.  The proceeds are used to fund advertising for the Magellan Community, such as a classified ad.

new Magellan center_007

In addition to the Welcome Center, Scott designed a great hangout area that is not only for our members, but also open to the public.  It’s a really nice area to relax.

new Magellan center_010

View of the hangout area.   I hope you have enjoyed this tour of our new Welcome Center.

new Magellan center_009

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Magellan Sea Community, please stop by the Welcome Center and pick up a copy of our Charter to read.  Applications are available also.

Fair Winds and Following Seas,

Lannorra Sion, Vice Chair


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