MAGELLAN SEA (c)* NEWS LETTER (Issue 2) July 2017

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MAGELLAN SEA (c)* NEWS LETTER (Issue 2) July 2017
(Reporters: Drew Hunter, Calnia Westland)

Welcome to the Second Monthly Magellan Sea Newsletter.
* We hope to continue bringing you monthly news about our community
* Introduce you to some of our resident
* Give you information and landmarks to places of interest.


This month we interview TEAL ETZEL, the creator of A Pamplemousse, Longacre, and Old Mill. Not familiar with those terms? Well, read on and soon you’ll be informed about this creative member of the Magellan Sea Community.

Thank you for taking time for this interview. Can you tell us a little about yourself, when you came to IW, and what has kept you here?

I came early in 2010. I enjoyed the pioneer spirit of the place, I liked the community but most of all I enjoyed the fact I could build to my hearts content. Many things delighted me like free uploads for textures etc, what seemed like limitless prims, and I could afford a place that I could landscape. I enjoy building immensely but my first love is creating the environment to place a building. To cater to that in SL you really need to be earning quite a bit and that became very pressured. So when I encountered InWorldz I loved that I could afford a place to landscape and build a garden.


You have create and sell some lovely landscaping and interior décor items. Did you learn to build elsewhere or have you developed this skill in IW?

I have an avatar in SL. As I write I think “Teal Etzel” has a rezz date mid 2007. I had another Ave that was earlier (2005) but she is long gone. I came into SL as an educator. I taught in a university level art school. In my twenties I majored in painting and I have exhibited my art, but as the years went on and technology developed my interest in visual arts moved into the digital realm.
I ended up teaching Photoshop, Illustrator, and Web design. I was part of a team of lecturers that taught various subjects in the digital arts. We were tasked to put together a research paper on virtual worlds (in 2007) Doing that research made me hang around SL long enough to become interested. I had always thought of myself a 2D type but discovered building and enjoyed it.
I still dont do much modeling to be honest and make no secret of using various builders resources. I am one of those people that can spend hours texturing something but chucks spack attack at blender. Although I did lots of building in SL and learnt much at Builders Brewery in SL, it was in InWorldz with the free uploads and space to build that I really learned much. I have been able to build in a sustained way here, and like any activity the more you build the more you learn. So InWorldz has enhanced my creative life immensely.


Your group is called A Pamplemousse. Where did you get that name and what does it refer to?

Pamplemousse is French for grapefruit. I am Australian but I was traveling in France where one summers day I was given a hand made grapefruit icecream. It was wonderful and I asked what it was. I was told the flavour was Pamplemousse- I exploded in laughter as it sounded so strange to english speaking ear. I loved the word for days I wandered around saying it. Feeling it roll off my tongue made me smile. So when I came back from that trip I opened a shop here in InWorldz – by that name – to me it’s a happy word.


Last year you took a break from InWorldz in order to go on a RL adventure. Do you mind sharing with us about your time in Europe? Did you have a lot of preparation before beginning this journey? What is the part of it that stands out most to you?

Last year my husband retired. My RL husband and partner in SL and Inworldz are all the same person. We are both 60 and we wanted to mark a good life- a good marriage of 37 years, a good working life, good health. These are all immensely valuable so we decided to walk a pilgrimage in gratitude and pause to mark this time in our life. The Camino de Santiago or the Way of St James is a well known route because people have been walking this pilgrimage since the 1200’s. A movie “The Way” was made about it.. The Way of St James is actually a network of ancient routes that criss cross Europe but the most popular route walked is 500 miles (800 kms) long and starts at a little village that is nestled in the foothills of the Pyrenees called St Pied de Port. Basically you start there and keep walking until you reach Santiago in Spain. Here is the info about it in Wikipedia

We did not rush the walk as it is not a hike like others that are done as physical challenge. The Camino is about a psychological process as much as anything. In other words we walked as pilgrims and it was one of those peak experiences in life. You ask about stand out moments. To be honest long distance walking is not like that. Everyday there are special moments as you are walking a very old route that is full of history but it is the moments that encounter something about yourself that are the lessons. Those lessons change you. Before I left I thought I am 60 with wonky knees I know who I am and I will be happy to just make it. Well… I did learn lots about myself and felt invigorated by the fact that at 60 I still had lots to learn. Next year we are going to do it again!

We also saw a bit Europe while away – we spent time in France and Italy and all up were away for nearly 5 months so saw a lot. I came back with lots of photos to turn into textures and have barely started to tinker with them.


Before taking your break from IW last year, you owned a wonderful quad of sims known as Longacre. Since your return, Head Winds is your current home and is a fun place to explore. From you profile picture, it looks like you might map out your sim. Do you plan your sims in advance, or do you begin to landscape and let the process and the land lead you to subsequent steps?

To be honest it is a mix. If I am landscaping for someone else I ask them what they want and if they want it I will map it out particularly if it is complex and on a couple of levels such as underwater, ground level then a hill or mountain level with waterfalls etc. Since I have been in Inworldz I let things evolve more and I like what happens so I would say I plan a bit then let things grow.


If there anything you wish the people of IW knew about you that you haven’t had a chance to share?

Oh I never know what people would be interested in! So I will leave it at that except to say that like many builds my region is a work in progress all the time. I used to worry about things looking good all the time but this time I am being more relaxed and enjoying it. I have sent some images of the Ruins at the Old Mill. This is my latest piece of landscaping/ building. I am happy for people to explore it. Thanks for the interview .



(See the above interview with Teal Etzel for more information about this sim.)





Pearl Yacht Club was the 3rd yacht club in Inworldz, going back to March 27, 2011 being a member of Magelan Sea community ever since. The yacht club was founded by dutch resident Lamat Lisle and is situated in the north-west corner of the Magellan Sea area on a region named Pearl. Pearl Yacht Club has always been open for visitors and sailors, hosting occasional events, offering slip rentals, rez-zone and sailing races/cruises. Due to busy RL occupations the club was discontinued for a short period in 2015, then moved to a different region in 2016, but can now be found again in it’s old spot on the grid. It still houses the original club building and the palaver house as well as a detailed remake of the Fisgard Lighthouse (originally near Victoria, Canada).
The club house has a cozy bar, a stage for musicians and a DJ set with dance floor. In the area you can take a short nature hike and there is a nice underwater scene for scuba diving and mermaids. Situated right next to I’z Straits 44 there is a lot of water available for sailing. In the near future surfboards, sailing boats, nautical goodies, buildings and clothing can be found in the shopping area.

Pearl Yacht Club offers the only race start line available in Inworldz. It is a race line very similar to the lines we see in Second Life’s Blake Sea. Lamat is working on the Olympic class 470 boat. It is a two person dinghy which will be powered with a modded version of Becca Mouliez’ B-Wind script. The boat will be compatible with the race line and in the near future we will probably see addition of the WWC racewind package in the boat and Inworldz. When Lamat releases the boat then the race lines will become available for public use.



Snapshot _ Grayson Stables, Setting Sun (69, 87, 22) - Moderate

Grayson’s holds auctions every Wednesday at 5 pm IW time.
We sell only oyo breedables: Horses, elephants, dodo’ (both regular and mini’s), bears, elephants, wild cats, dogs and cats. Check out our wide variety !
We also have corrals for rent to house your oyo breedable to raise or to sell to the public.
We also provide starter packs for all oyo breedables along with food and accessories.

Feel free to come look around anytime!


* * * EVENTS * * *
Magellan Sea Hunt:
July 2-8

July sizzles and pops
with red, white and blue rockets;
Gold sparklers in one hand and poppers in the other—-
Deep, dark nights lit with riotous color


The July Hunt begins in the Magellan Seas Welcome Center. Get your Hunt Map there!



Your Magellan Sea Board Members are:
Scott Carpaccio, President
Lannorra Sion, Vice President
Drew Hunter, Secretary
Daniel Carrigan, Treasurer
Dawg Carrigan, Special Events
Calnia Westland, Promotion

You can also follow us on social media:


*(c) Important Note: The Magellan logo is copywritten by Magellan Sea.



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