August Board Minutes

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Magellan meeting 8/6/2017

Scott Carpaccio called the Aug Board Meeting open at 11:59 8/6/2017

In attendance were: Dawg Carrigan, Lannorra Sion, Scott Carpaccio
Calnia Westland, Daniel Carrigan, Scott Carpaccio

There were no changes called for last month’s minutes so a vote
was called to accept it as is. The vote was unaneous and the minutes accepted

———Scott called for committee reports——————

—————-Treasure Report—————–
Daniel gave the members a break down of the Treasure Report

Daniel Carrigan: Treasurer Report
August 6, 2017
Treasurer, Daniel Carrigan
Moneybags Magellan:
There were no receivables or payables since the last report.
Marketing Magellan:
23 transactions June 25-Aug 5
15 payments received for adboards — 1675
6 Donations — 850
3 60iz payment made to Inwz for our new classified Ad — 120


A motion was called for by Scott to accept the Treasure Report
All member voted in the affirmative and the report was accepted

—————–Hunt Report———–
Dawg Carrigan next gave a report on the upcoming Hunt

We were told it was coming along nicely, we added 2 new partners
this month. Its hard to come up with any exact number but she
the July hunt went well.

———–Old Business————
As there were no other committee reports the board moved onto old business


First up this month was a discussion of a Magellan Sponsored Boat Rally

A working Boat Rally Committee was form of Scott, Drew, Daniel, Dawg
Tentative plans are that the Boat Rally will be held on Sat Oct 21 3pm iwt

Two races will be designed. 1) Speed Boats, 2) Wind Driven Sailing
Anyone can join. The committee will work out the further Details.

Also was mentioned that Modee was having her Fleet Day on Sept 30th.

Scott called for a motion to handle the account balance for Marketing
the same way as we handle the account balance for Moneybags

Calnia so move, Scott Seconded and all members voted Aye.
The motion was passed.

The need for visiting the building code heights was as the member
needing the Exemption decided not to move his castles.

We agreed that any upcoming situations can be handed by
individual Exemptions

There was no New Business on the agenda so the next months
meeting was set for Sun Sept 10th at noon iwt.

Scott called for a motion to adjourn at 12:52 iwt
Lannorra so moved, Dawg seconded and Scott called the meeting adjourned.

Reported by Drew Hunter….Secretary



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