August/September Newsletter

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(Reporters: Drew Hunter, Calnia Westland)

Welcome to the Third Monthly Magellan Sea Newsletter.
* We hope to continue bringing you monthly news about our community
* Introduce you to some of our resident
* Give you information and landmarks to places of interest.


This month we interview Modee Parlez, famed ship builder here in IW.


Today we are interviewing Modee Parlez, a well known resident and builder in InWorldz.
Good Morning Modee, glad you could be here today.

Let me start by saying it’s hard to travel anywhere in world and not see one of your ships in some sea port.
I know I certainly kept seeing them when I was first here.

So my first question for you would be “How did all this ship building come about for you?”


First of all greetings to all πŸ™‚
And to answer your question, well I was invited here like 4 years ago now.
The pirate RP community knew me from SL where I did mostly textures and clothing.
IW was still struggling with good seas to sail and for the RP community there were some ships but
they looked 😦 and script quality was real old time to say so.

And then πŸ™‚ I saw Tenbears his ships and I was in love with them :), if only one could make 17th 18th century ships I thought.

Now a few years before I went to work in for a fashion brond I was working in a more technical branch where I did the graphic styling. I had seen engineers work with 3D programs but in my work there was not much demand for that 😦

Till I came here, all of a sudden a world open for me. This was my chance to prove myself I could do it!
So after harassing Tenbears for weeks I finally set to try it myself. And the Felukka gun boat was born πŸ™‚

But 😦 I had no decent scripts, so Trouble Mooncurser invited over a scripter to have a look. When he came he said, ” Such a nice boat deserves a good script ” and well the rest is history πŸ™‚

Learning more and more and aiming for higher quality Loose Cannon Ship Yard was born and well like you said, you can’t pass a sim without seeing one of my creations πŸ™‚

Now I know there are many great builders around in IW but what i made my credo is ” SERVICE” and that is what all like about LCSY more then my builds i hope πŸ™‚


I sure Speak for all the residents here that we’re glad you came and stayed
Jewel and I recently joined your battle group. Can tell our readers what that is and why you do it?


Well the Battle group was originally owned by Insideoutjim and there were more roleplay groups around.
In time it all sort of fell into my lap. In SL I was part of the Continental Navy but here I erected that group since there was none.

The main thing we do is try have fun πŸ™‚ Our RP is situated in 17th 18th century which means Pirates,, Merchants, Privateers and of course Navy πŸ™‚

Twice a week we try have a battle and the scenario differs from Shoot All, Gunner Only, The Smuggler Run,
Spanish Invaders, Hunt the Kraken to Moby Dick Attacks. And all we can think up to have fun πŸ™‚ Some of these can be seen on You tube :

The Why is simple, I love it and no one else does it at the moment BUT I must say I am getting great help of great people.

Furthermore I teach sailing and gunnery to all that want to take part in our RP or just want to learn to sail πŸ™‚


Can you tell us a little about your Regions?

Hmmm, well since we are in RP I guard the look of our sims well, I mean we are not hard core players but we try to create that period style and we do a lot ourself, if it don’t exist we build it πŸ™‚

But the sims are open to all to visit or sail unless a Play is on!

Drew: Tell us about Fleet Day (on Sept 30 this year)

Modee :

That idea came to me in 2015! when I looked around i saw many ships of many builders but all enclosed in their own sims. So I set out to invite all the builders of nautical stuff to take part in the bigger yearly event.
It was a success πŸ™‚ and we decided to make it a yearly event.

There is Music by diff DJ’s or singers, there are fireworks, there are sailing demonstrations, Raffles etc and we couple this now to the RFL action too.

So HELLO builder, if you want to exhibit you stuff give me a call πŸ™‚ To make it more clear NOT only period stuff but all types of ships or whatever floats πŸ™‚ or is supposed to float hahaha

But most of all it is to have fun and show what is possible in Virtual Worlds!

Ok, let me wrap this up by asking you about the future.
Briefly what are your Hopes, Dreams and Fears about the future of Sailing here IW?

Modee :

Well we can only hope things get better in IW again, I notice the founders are working all the time on the grid but not every chance is one for the better. I see more and more people leaving because they don’t feel appreciated in the efforts they do here to make this a great grid. My self I was on the brink a few times to just give up, but then well I am Modee and Modee just bares the cross and moves on. My only BIG concern is scripters, you barely find anymore here and that is a bad thing. No scripters no stuff to make work. For the rest well I have to dear friends here to just leave behind πŸ™‚

Thank you Modee Parlez for taking this time out to talk to us.
Good Luck in all your future builds and endeavors.


Magellan Board Member are up for election/re-election soon,
submit all nominations to Scott Carpaccio, President




* * * EVENTS * * *
Magellan Sea Hunt:

All Hunts begin at the Magellan Seas Welcome Center. Get your Hunt Map there!

Contact Modee Parlez for more information

Magellan Boat Rally for 2017
Our Annual Boat Rally is set for Sat Oct 21
Party begins at 3:00 pm iwt
1st boat of the race launches at 4pm
we have 2 routs this year
1) Speed/Power Boats
2) Sail Boats (no power but the wind)

More information at the Magellan Sea Welcome Center


Your Magellan Sea Board Members are:
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Lannorra Sion, Vice President
Drew Hunter, Secretary
Daniel Carrigan, Treasurer
Dawg Carrigan, Special Events
Calnia Westland, Promotion

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