June Board Meeting

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The Meeting was opened by Scott Carpaccio at 11:58am iwt, on June 25

1st order of of the day was to accept the Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Scott so Motioned, Calnia so moved and Lannorra seconded the motion
The vote was unanimous and the previous minutes was accepted.

The floor was then turned over to Vice Chair and interim Treasurer,  Lannorra, for the Treasury Report.
Report Summary:
–Moneybags Magellan Account:
There were no receivable or payables for June.

–Marketing Magellan Account:
7 payments received from Ad Boards
2 Donations at 100 I’z each
2 Payments out for our new classified AD.
End of Report

Scott called for a motion to accept the Treasurer Report
Daniel so moved, Dawg Seconded, unanimous vote to accept, Report was accepted.

Next Dawg reported on the ongoing Hunts;
we got 2 new partners to hide gifts
Scott told us we had over 40 people at the center for hunt information
All agreed that the Hunts are a big success and a short discussion about how
to make the ongoing Hunts even better.

Drew and Calnia mentioned that the July Newsletter was finished and would go out shortly

Continuing with Old Business:
Scott Nominated Daniel Carrigan for the role of Treasurer
A vote was take and Daniel was accepted to the chair via unanimous vote.
Lannorra will bring Daniel up to speed on the duties, ect.

A Discussion then pursued about having Events at the Center.
Lots of great ideas but nothing was set in stone.
We agreed to target OCT for our First Open House at the Center

Scott then opened the floor for new business

A discussion was started about building codes in Magellan, but it was decided to table for next months meeting.

As there was no more business Scott asked for a motion to adjourn.
Calnia so move, Daniel seconded the motion and the meeting was adjourned at 1:12 pm iwt.

The next Board Meeting will be held on Sat July 22, 2017 at noon iwt.


Recorded by Drew Hunter, Secretary.



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