The 1st Oktober Beer Fest !!!!

The Rookerys Present:  Oktober Beer Fest


From:  Modee Parlez

When : Saturday 28th of October from 3 – 6 PM

Where :


Why : For the fun and my BD


What : 3 hours of fun beerfest music by DJ Melanie


Who : All are invited 🙂


EXTRA !!!!!! :

Dirndlwelt FREE outfits for gals and a Lederhosen for men created by Modee 🙂

(shoes not included nor are batteries ) Below here are some samples 🙂 ALL FREE

The vendor will be open during the day and till end of gig !!


Lederhosen Pub 08


Inaugural Magellan Sea Boat Rally


2017 Magellan Sea Boat Rally

October 21, 2017
3pm iwt with the first boats on the course by 4pm iwt

Magellan Sea Welcome Center  (

1- The rally is open to all Inworldz residents.

2- Preregistering your boat is recommended. There are two classes of boats, power and sail.  Contact Drew Hunter or Scott Carpaccio to register.

3- Sail a predetermined course based on clues and information.  At each location there will be a question that needs to be answered and a clue to the next port.

4- Crews will not need to get out of their boat to answer a question.

5- Boats leave the start line, one at a time, at predetermined intervals.  The boat with the most correct answers wins the rally.  A faster time breaks a tie.

3p – 4p DJ Ashley and DJ Griffin
4p – 5p DJ Gertie
5p – 6p DJ Arathorn