Inaugural Magellan Sea Boat Rally


2017 Magellan Sea Boat Rally

October 21, 2017
3pm iwt with the first boats on the course by 4pm iwt

Magellan Sea Welcome Center  (

1- The rally is open to all Inworldz residents.

2- Preregistering your boat is recommended. There are two classes of boats, power and sail.  Contact Drew Hunter or Scott Carpaccio to register.

3- Sail a predetermined course based on clues and information.  At each location there will be a question that needs to be answered and a clue to the next port.

4- Crews will not need to get out of their boat to answer a question.

5- Boats leave the start line, one at a time, at predetermined intervals.  The boat with the most correct answers wins the rally.  A faster time breaks a tie.

3p – 4p DJ Ashley and DJ Griffin
4p – 5p DJ Gertie
5p – 6p DJ Arathorn




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