November Minutes

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November 5, 2017 Magellan Sea Board Meeting


Board Members In Attendance:
Scott Carpaccion, President
Daniel Carrigan, Treasure
Drew Hunter, Secretary
Calnia Westland, Promotions chair
Dawg Carragan, Special Events/Social Director chair

Special Guests In Attendance:
Orb Nim

The Meeting took place at the New Magellan Center
Scott Carpaccio: the meeting is called to order at 11:56am iwt


First Order of Business:
Scott and Calnia both gave notice that they would not be on the Board next year.
Scott will still be around for advice.

Reviewing and accepting last meetings Minutes
Lannorra was added to the list of members present last meeting
Scott called for a motion to accept last month’s minutes
Calnia so move, Daniel Seconded
Unanimous yes. Minutes accepted.

Daniel gave the Board his Treasurer’s Report
Scott called for a motion to accept the Treasure’s report
Calnia so move, Dawg seconded and report was accepted by Unanimous Vote.

Committee Reports:
Dawg reported all is well with the hunts. And reminded us that the Hunts are Bi-Monthly from now on.
No other Committee reports so on to Old Business

Old Business:
Update on removed illegal Regions:
The one between Daniel & Lannorra was removed.
The other one East of Phantom Isles was moved to the outside southern border.

Discussion of the Boat Rally came next.
Daniel still working on putting together a test run
The two Routs are mostly done.
No work on Pavilion done yet.

Reminder that Voting will close on Nov 30 Midnight.

New Business:

Scott reported he sent two members notices about charter violation
of not allowing access to their sims. No reply yet.

Rhihanna Island had ZERO prims on it, not sure if Lotte is giving it up.
Simmersal Region was also sent a reminder about access.

There was no other new business to report and Scott called for a motion to Adjourn
Calnia so move and Daniel seconded.
Meeting close by unanimous vote at 12:48pm IWT.


Minutes were recorded and written by Drew Hunter, Secretary.






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