October Minutes

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Magellan Meeting 10-15-2017

Scott called the meeting to order at 12:02pm

In attendance were:
Scott Carpaccio, Lannora Sion, Calnia Westland, Daniel Carrigan, Drew Hunter, Jewel Hunter


There were no changes called for last month’s minutes so a vote.
was called to accept it as is.   The vote was unanimous and the minutes accepted.

Next Scott called for committee reports.
Daniel gave the members a break down of the Treasure Report.

The Treasure’s report was accepted by unanimous vote.

Calnia reported that the newsletter went out last week Oct 13.

Topic then turned to new business and the Boat Rally.

Items of note:
Emily Largos got her sim placed
Suri Ana took over Trinity’s 2×2
Surie Ana was voted in as a Member (unanimous)

More planning meetings will take place.

Various task were taken on by members
list maker……………Drew
map…………………….Daniel and LMs for test runs
vendors……………..Jewel 8 sponsors so far
entertainment….. Calnia
pavilion ……………..Scott

Scott is taking care of sending out and collection notices and votes.

Scott Carpaccio: nominations need to be in by midnight 10/28.

Sad news reported that Scott and Calnia won’t be joining the new board in 2018.


As there was no additional new business.

The meeting was adjourned  by Scott, Calnia motioned, Drew seconded.

Recorded by Drew Hunter, Secretary.




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