Magellan Center Gets A New Location!

New Magellan Center at Finlaggan_001

The Magellan Center has moved to Finlaggan!  Thanks to Allod Tolwen and Taika Wirsing, the center has found a new home!

Scott Carpaccio and Anna Loom, both past chairs of the Magellan Board, have each very generously hosted the Center in the past and have also made the Center’s build available to us.  I have finally gotten the Center set up and furnished.


New Magellan Center at Finlaggan_002

Map and Conference Room


New Magellan Center at Finlaggan_003

I have donated some furniture that I customed with the Magellan Sea Logo


New Magellan Center at Finlaggan_004

Our Current Board


New Magellan Center at Finlaggan_007

The adboards have been moved and are once again ready for use.  Please come in and advertise your business!  All proceeds are used to fund the Magellan Sea Community Classified Ad, used to promote our community within Inworldz.



New Magellan Center at Finlaggan_005

Looking out the back at the Island


New Magellan Center at Finlaggan_006

Back view from dock


Please stop by and check it out!

Thanks again to Scott, Taika and Allod!


Fair Winds and Following Seas,

Lannorra Sion, Chair