December Minutes

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(This minute report was written by Drew and given to Orb
for her presentation to the new board as her first minutes in Jan)

Congratulations Orb. Its not really that much work. Drew


The Annual Magellan Wide Meeting was held on Dec 3, 2017
At the Magellan Welcome Center.
(This was the Last Meeting of 2017)


The Following Board Members were present (2017 Board):
Scott Carpaccio – Chair
Lannorra Sion – Vice Chair
Drew Hunter – Secretary
Daniel Carrigan – Treasurer
Calnia Westland – Promotions
Dawg Carrigan – Special Events/Social Director

Taika Wirsing was present as Guest Speaker
The potential new incoming board members were also present

Taika addressed the Board and gave us a brief history of Magellan
Scott next took the floor and gave us his farewell thoughts.
Lannorra next said a few worlds.

As Scott’s Last official act of 2017 he introduced us to our new 2018 President and Chair.
Lannorra Sion

The Magellan wide vote for members having been tallied
The roster of the New Officers of the Board was handed out.
Each Officer was asked if he/she would agree to continue serving
in the new position.

Each name was called and all returning and new members agreed to serve.

2018 Magellan Board Members and Committee Chairs

Chair – Lannorra Sion
Vice Chair – Daniel Carrigan
Secretary – Orb Nim
Treasurer – Drew Hunter
Promotions/Marketing – Jewel Hunter
Communications Director – Open (Lannorra Sion will continue to contribute blogs)
Sailing Director – Open
Social Director – Open
Project Consultant – Scott Carpaccio


Our New Chair Lannorra called the Meeting to order at 12:39pm iwt.


First Order of Business:
Reviewing and accepting last meetings Minutes
The Chair (Lannorra) called for a motion to accept last month’s minutes
Unanimous yes vote. Minutes accepted.

Daniel presented the Board with his Last Treasure’s Report
The Chair called for a motion to accept the Treasure’s report
The report was accepted by Unanimous Vote.

Committee Reports:
No Committee reports so on to Old Business

Old Business:
No Old Business os on to New Business

New Business:
No New Business this Meeting

As there was no other business to report
the Chair called for a motion to Adjourn.
By Unanimous vote the meeting was closed at 12:56 pm iwt


Minutes were recorded and written by Drew Hunter, Secretary.


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