MAGELLAN SEA NEWS LETTER Premier Issue, June 2017

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MAGELLAN SEA NEWS LETTER (issue 1) June 2017
(Reporters: Drew Hunter, Calnia Westland)

Welcome to the first monthly Magellan Sea Newsletter. We hope to bring you monthly news about our community, introduce you to some of our residents, and give you information and landmarks to places of interest.


We felt a good place to start is with an interview of the President of Magellan Sea.


Interview with our president Scott Carpaccio:

Good morning Scott and thank you for taking time to do this interview. Let me start by asking you how long have you been a member of Magellan and what made you join our community in the first place?

Hello Drew, Hi Calnia. My pleasure to be here. Always happy to talk about Magellan Sea. It’s one of my favorite topics. Hmmm, I have to think about that. Let’s see, I believe it was late 2014 when I became a Magellan member. But let me back up a minute. I had been working on my region, which is a Greek coastal town, here in InWorldz since 2010 and I always had fun building it and “living there”. The issue for me though was that it was basically an island. If you didn’t tp there you couldn’t visit it. I knew about Magellan however the people around me at the time were not in favor of connecting to other regions. So we stayed on our own. Finally in 2014 I decided lets try it because I really wanted to see people sailing through my region not to mention being able to sail the seas not just sail in a circle around my own region. It turned out to be a fantastic decision. We really enjoy the freedom of movement!


can you tell us a little about your sim(s) and land holdings in Magellan?
Do you offer any scenic or special features for members to come and visit and see?

Well, I guess I started to touch on that a little already. My wife Glitz Carpaccio and I own a 2×2 region right on the lz”Ocean. Basically it consists of two parts, Picnic Island and Loggos Harbor. As far as features to see, we have various activities however as opposed to going over detailed things to do I would prefer to touch on our main focus. We are concerned with providing a nice looking and consistent place for people to explore. The consistency is extremely important to us. What I mean by that is, if a guest visits and then a year later clicks on the landmark for it in their inventory that landmark is still active. Picnic Island is meant to be a relaxing place to stroll around and hang out. Nothing to buy, nothing to rent, no roads just enjoy. Picnic’s location I did not realize was the location Sunny Day had when she was in Magellan. Sunny was one of InWorldz Pioneers. When I found that out I placed an eternal flame at the entrance to Picnic Island so that knowledge would not be lost over time. Regarding Loggos Harbor, it was built specifically as my way of paying back for my early exploring days. It’s idea came from one of my favorite regions in a previous grid. That region was called Mare Mare which sadly is no longer there. It was an oceanside Greek town on the side of a hill which is what Loggos Harbor is. About a year ago or so i actually connected with the creators of Mare Mare in RL so that was fun. But back to the consistency, I always enjoyed having a bank of landmarks I could visit and too often many places come and go. I appreciated the ones that were always there so that is what we really want to do, always be there.


The Magellan Welcome Center has recently moved.
Can you tell us the story behind that?


Sure. One of the founders of Magellan Sea, Anna Loom, had hosted the Welcome Center since the first days of InWorldz. She generously donated land and prims for it and it has been a rock in the community for many years. Unfortunately real life has gotten in the way for Anna and a new home was needed for the Welcome Center. It now resides on a region bearing its own name, Magellan Center, with direct ocean access as it had before. We were extremely fortunate to have several offers to host the new location. That speaks volumes about the residents here who want to see Magellan thrive. It’s fantastic to have so many people who care. The great thing about the Welcome Center is if any InWorldz resident has a question regarding Magellan Sea they can simply stop there and either pick up information, see a map of the area or page someone for one on one help. The Welcome Center is located here 􀀅 This might be a good time to mention that there is no actual Magellan Sea body of water. So if you are looking to take a dip in the Magellan Sea you will be looking a very long time. The founders of InWorldz generously created the lz’Ocean and the lz’Straits for all residents to enjoy.


What do you see for the future of Magellan Sea Community?
And what would you like to see accomplished during your term as president?

The founders of Magellan did a great job laying out the framework for it that we still use today. Magellan has been able to sustain its availability to all residents and quite honestly I think the formula is spot on as it is now. All our members are happy to work together towards a common goal, that goal being to provide free travel on their regions for everyone. This means you and I are able to potentially fly and sail on approximately 175 regions. How great is that? That is just awesome! And Magellan Sea is governed by its own residents so the participation factor is second to none. As far as goals, when I was Vice President my focus was to grow the membership, which we did. There was no “slow time” we were kept quite busy all year with adding new members and current members expanding their areas. Taika Wirsing was President at the time and I have learned so much from her with that being the understatement of the year. Without Taika that would have been a very long year for sure. As President my focus has been to grow the awareness of Magellan Sea. There are many new members of InWorldz coming monthly. If they are aware of Magellan Sea, and aware of other areas throughout InWorldz I believe that is good for the grid as a whole. I hesitate to mention the long list of places because I don’t want to leave a place out but Magellan is only one of many options people have here in InWorldz. Judy Dressler’s Explorer HUD is a fantastic reference for everyone not just people new to InWorldz. You can pick that up at IDI. 􀀄 There are many wonderful places to rent, buy, explore, dance and so on throughout the grid. The more options new InWorldz residents are aware of the more chance we will have to retain them as long term residents of the grid. So awareness of Magellan has been the focus for this year.


What can members do to increase the awareness of Magellan Community to the IW population as a whole?


I am a firm believer in word of mouth. Sure we can take out ads, hold events, wear tags however if someone is happy as a Magellan member the best thing they can do is to tell someone. And if a Magellan resident is not happy, please speak up. We are a community and we work together. This is your virtual home and we strive to make it a pleasant experience.


Can you refresh us on the procedures to becoming a member of our community for those who may wish to join Magellan?


Visit the Magellan Sea Welcome Center to pick up a copy of the Charter and Building codes. It is very important to read through those because Magellan is a large group of connected regions governed by its residents and adheres to a set of Covenants and Building Codes as a guideline for homes and businesses. Magellan residents agree to allow boating, flying and open passage on their regions for everyone and they also agree to abide by the Charter (Covenants) and the Building Codes. After that simply contact a Magellan board member, a list of which you will find at the Magellan Welcome Center and they can walk you through the process or put you in touch with someone who can.


Do you have any final words or thoughts you would like to convey to our members?

I have one final word and that word is Fun. This should be fun, relaxing, entertaining, good friends, community. The Magellan members and the Magellan Board Members are the reason we thrive. I am so thankful for all of them because they are the ones that make it fun!


Than you Scott for your time this morning.




The Magellan Sea Information Center has been moved to the region Magellan Center in order to better service our members.

The New Center offers information and AD board for our members.
If your a member had have rentals your welcome to place an AD at the Center.
The New Center will host some sort of member event monthly.
Its a relaxing place to chill out or gather for a friendly meeting.




Two new clubs have opened recently in Magellan. Both are awesome and you should check them out

1 “Hotel California” owned an operated by: Diva and Doc Divine

Hotel California Resort and Marina is a virtual tribute to the myth of Hotel California and the song by the Eagles. The Hotel California of the Album cover is the Beverly Hills Hotel, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and still around today. Many continue to be fascinated by this urban legend and the song is loved by millions. Diva and Doc Divine have their own interpretation in the new venue “Hotel California Resort and Marina” inspired by the long history of the song by The Eagles and wanting to bring a California Resort feel to Inworldz.

Where Classic Rock meets Classics of all genres. Relax, dance enjoy the music. DJ’s and live performers. There’s plenty of room to hang out, sip a cool drink, Bring your boats, sail, dance or watch the sun set over the IZ Ocean. Romantic, tropical. Diva and Doc welcome you to an experience you wont forget….


2 “The Galley Lounge” owned and operated by: Orb and Akona Nim

Crystal Valley Presents:
The Galley Lounge
Wednesday 9-11 am (summer hours)

Featuring DJ Tony Foxx
Playing a mix of tunes from many genres including:
50’s to Present Rock & Roll Classic Rock R&B
Old School Pop Soul Funk Jazz Romantic Boogie Swing

Owners Orb & Akona Nim

Orb was a construction contractor / business owner in RL for over 25 years. She has enjoyed Virtual Reality since 1995 where she first began to build in a VR 3d program called Active Worlds. Orb’s friend Ciena Wyllo, an avid IW’er whom she knew for nearly 20 years in AW, introduced her to InWorldz 2 years ago and Orb is here to stay.

Akona is a RL professional artist and high school art teacher. He’s coming to us from SL where he was for nearly 10 years. He has just opened his art gallery, Nim’s Whims, on the Riverwood sim, part of their 2×2 on the Magellan Sea.

Explore their sims Crystal Valley, Riverwood, Dawnwish and Nevertorm. All are welcome.


3 Picnic Island

As described in the interview with Scott Carpaccio above.



* * * EVENTS * * *
Magellan Sea Hunt:
June 11- 17
Every Summer has its own story

A perfect Summer day is when,
the sun is shining
the breeze is blowing
the birds are singing
and the lawn mower is BROKEN!!

The June Hunt begins in the Magellan Seas Welcome Center. Get your Hunt Map there!



Your Magellan Sea Board Members are:
Scott Carpaccio, President
Lannorra Sion, Vice President
Drew Hunter, Secretary
Daniel Carrigan, Treasurer
Dawg Carrigan, Special Events
Calnia Westland, Promotion





June Hunt at Magellan Sea Community – Inworldz

Magellan Sea logo



DATE OF THE HUNT: June 11 – 17


GIFT BOX THIS MONTH: Picnic basket


SEND NOTE CARD TO: Dawg Carrigan


Every Summer has it’s own story

A Perfect summer day is, when
the sun is shinning
the breeze is blowing
the birds are singing
and the lawn mower is BROKEN!

Residents, please join us in some summer fun with the latest Magellan Hunt!  Contact Dawg to get started.

Friends, please join the Magellan Events group to get notices of the start of our Hunts.  It’s a fun activity with free gifts!





Magellan Sea Gets new Welcome Center!


Magellan Sea logo

Recently the Magellan Sea Community located at the Inworldz Grid, relocated its Welcome Center.  Scott Carpaccio, Chair of the Magallan Board and owner of several sims in the Community, has donated land for the rebuild of the existing center.

We would like to tender our heartfelt thanks to Anna Loom, a founding member of the Community, who for many years hosted the Welcome Center.  Due to RL, Anna has had to cut back on her time at Inworldz and therefore a new location needed to be found.

new Magellan center_001

For members and guests who have visited the Center, you may recognize the over all look.  Keeping our same theme, Scott has recreated the Center.

new Magellan center_003


The new landing spot, gives visitors a quick over-view of Magellan, with information easily accessible.  You can see the givers for the Charter, General Information, Rentals and our new Magellan wide Hunts!

new Magellan center_011

There is a new Map room, where residents and visitors can see the entire Magellan Sea Community.

new Magellan center_012

Scott created (and maintains) this amazing map, with icons that indicate whether a sim has Role play, Underwater areas, Public rez areas for boats and planes, and Airports.  The map has a wealth of information, including the boxes on the bottom that will give you information if you click them.  Including our Social Media connections.

new Magellan center_006

Adjacent to the Map room is our Magellan Staff member on-line indicators.  Board members are available to answer questions and help in any way that they can.

new Magellan center_008

Across from the Map room and online wall, is our latest addition:  Ad boards and Fund Raiser Products.  These ad boards are available to our Residents to advertise their sims and rentals.  The proceeds are used to fund advertising for the Magellan Community, such as a classified ad.

new Magellan center_007

In addition to the Welcome Center, Scott designed a great hangout area that is not only for our members, but also open to the public.  It’s a really nice area to relax.

new Magellan center_010

View of the hangout area.   I hope you have enjoyed this tour of our new Welcome Center.

new Magellan center_009

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Magellan Sea Community, please stop by the Welcome Center and pick up a copy of our Charter to read.  Applications are available also.

Fair Winds and Following Seas,

Lannorra Sion, Vice Chair

March Board Minutes

Magellan Sea logo


Board Meeting 3/26/2017

In attendance were:

Scott Carpaccio
Lannorra Scion
Drew Hunter
Calnia Westland
Daniel Carrigan
Dawg Carrigan
The Meeting was called to order at at 12:03 pm iwt.

The minutes from last months meeting were presented for acceptance as is. Calnia moved to accept the minutes, seconded by Daniel. Minutes approved by unanimous vote.

The current Treasury Report was presented to the board by interim Treasurer Scott Carpaccio. It was noted that funds were received. Drew motioned to accept the report, seconded by Calnia and passed unanimously.

Drew asked how much it costs to move a 2×2. Scott informed the board It currently costs $30 to move a 2×2.

Committee discussion began with the Marketing committee to come up with ideas on a way to get the Magellan “brand” out there in front of residents. With new residents coming to Inworldz, and existing resident, Scott felt many residents may not be aware of the Magellan option.

Drew brought up the idea of the classified ad, Scott mentioned something about maybe a possibility of having something on IDI, Calnia said she woudl begin to post in the free Ad groups and Lannorra pointed out that Magellan is now in the land search.

Calnia asked if Magellan was in the Explorer HUD. AS we are not sure on this Calnia offered to follow up with Judy Dressler on this issue.

The marketing campaign concluded with a discussion on posting in offline forums. The board agreed this would be a good idea. Motion made by both Calnia and Drew, seconded by Lannorra, passed unanimously.

There were no additional committee reports at this time so the board on to other business.

With regard to he new Magellan land rental office, Lannorra informed the board a resident wanted to know if commercial rentals would be included. It was decided by the board that yes commercial rentals can be accepted. People sending in the LM’s to the rental office must be Magellan residents and the board was agreed there should be two land rental “givers”, one for residential and one for commercial.

Drew mentioned the need for the rental givers to be better known to residents and suggested a monthly newsletter in the form of a notecard. Lannorra noted that would be a good topic for the blog as well as social sites. Drew offered to begin publishing a monthly newsletter. So the work flow will be Drew creating the newsletter (Calnia also offered to help with the publishing) and sending it to Lannorra to post on the blog.
Discussion moved on to the new Marketing Magellan account. Scott informed the board an avi was created (Marketing Magellan) for the purpose of collecting funds via ad boards, donations and the sale of donated items. These funds are earmarked for promoting the awareness of Magellan throughout Inworldz as we cannot use the general funds for this per Charter. Scott will create a donation kiosk before the next meeting.

Ad boards were then discussed at some length regarding rate to charge and location placement, commercial and residential. It was decided that the rate should be less than what it costs to place a classified, which is 50lz and should be open to both commercial and residential ads. The boards will be self service so no ongoing board updating will be needed. Lannorra made a motion to move forward with this, seconded by Scott and approved unanimously.

Numbers for the hunt were good given the newness of it to Magellan. Dawg mentioned that two weeks for a hunt may be to long so the next hunt would be shortened. Overall the hunt was a success and Magellan will continue with additional hunts. Lannorra suggested the hunts would make a great topic for the blog and Calnia said also for the newsletter.

It was decided the next hunt in April would be an Easter hunt for eggs.

The meeting was called for adjournment at 12:57pm iwt and passed unanimously.
The next meeting date is TBD..

Recorded by Scott Carpaccio, Chair for Drew Hunter, Secretary.

Magellan Sea A.G.M 2016 Minutes

The Magellan Annual General Board Meeting was held on Dec 4, 2016 at 12 noon. IWT.

Magellan Residents attending the Board Meeting were:

Anna Loom, Taika Wirsing, Scott Carpaccio
Drew Hunter, Fleugar Variscan, Glitz Carpaccio
stevey b, Lannorra Sion, Ciena Wyllo
Dawg Carrigan, Daniel Carrigan
The Meeting was opened by the current President Taika Wirsing at 12:11pm iwt.
She handed out notecards of the past meeting and other
communications from various board members.

After a few introductory remarks and a highlight review of the past year she happily turned over the Presidency & Head Chair to Scott Carpaccio (former Vice Chair) after 6 years Service to the Magellan Community.

Scott opened the meeting and introduced all the new board members and their positions:

The New Board Members as Elected are now:

President and Head Chair: Scott Carpaccio (former Vice Chair).
Vice Chair: Lannorra Sion (former Communications Officer)
Treasurer: Fleugar variscan (Returning)
Secretary: Drew Hunter (New Board Member)
Marketing/Promotions Officer: Ciena Wyllo (New Board Member)
Communications Director: stevey b (New Committee Chair)
Sailing Director: Daniel Carrigan (Returning Committee Chair)
Social Director: Dawg Carrigan (Returning Committee Chair)
After the introduction of all the new and returning board meeting Scott opened the discussion to public comments regarding the 2017 year Iw8 ahead.

Highlights of that discussion:

* Drew talked a little about his Magellan Walkable Map and invited all members of the Magellan Community to send him information about their regions so he could include it in the Map.

* Lannorra talked a bit about a new Magellan Rental Office program for members who have rental properties open to the public.

* Short discussion about the possibility of Open Sea Expansion or possibly Associate Connecting Region Owners (mostly in the South East area) willing to abide by the Magellan Charter.

* Scott said he would put together some information on the public comments for 2017 for the following meeting.

After the discussions ended and as there was not any New Business to attend to, Scott called for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Motion was made by Lannorra and seconded by Drew. The meeting adjourned at 12:51pm iwt.

The next board meeting is TBD.

We moved to The Dawg House for a small party.

–end of report—

Drew Hunter, Recording Secretary.

Magellan Minutes for September

Magellan Sea logo


Magellan Minutes 9/25/2016

The meeting was called to order at 12:25 pm IWT
Present were Fleugar Variscan, Lannorra Sion, Scott Carpaccio and Taika Wirsing.

There are currently vacancies at the Committee level, as the Magellan secretary
Tenshi Domenici resigned after the last meeting. Shortly thereafter, Community
Coordinator Kelly4U Lynn resigned due to personal issues. About an hour prior to this meeting, Cataplexia Numbers, who was named Social Coordinator at our last meeting, resigned.

Chair Wirsing suggested, with the Annual General Meeting only a few months away, that the Committee delay filling the positions until a new Committee can be elected. The Committee agreed.

As there is no secretary, the August Minutes are delayed. Lannorra Sion sent Wirsing the raw chat, and Wirsing will write up the minutes.

Fleugar Variscan, Treasurer, reported that the Magellan funds totalled 180,000 izzies. Wirsing advised Variscan of a new Magellan member, Bilbo Destiny, who is awaiting billing, who bought the Kingarrock quad from Wirsing late last week.

Taika Wirsing reviewed the procedures for the election of new officers, namely, all sim owners in Magellan are contacted and asked for nominations to the Committee. Nominees are to be either sim owners, their partners or their designee. In the past, there has been one Committee representative or Coordinator who CAN be a renter. It is not a requirement. The Committee/Coordinators do not HAVE to have a renter represented.

Discussion ensued whether a full sim renter who has been in Magellan for at least six months would be considered qualified to be nominated. No decision was made and more discussion will follow at the October meeting. Nominations should be sent to the current Chair (Wirsing) by October 29, as the Committee determined to meet on October 30 at 12:00 IWT to finalize the ballot.

Only sim owners and their partners can nominate and vote. Renters do not.

The final ballot will be sent out in early November with votes due back by December 2. There will be an Annual General Meeting on December 4th, again at Noon IWT, followed by a party. The avatar with the most votes will be the Chair, The Chair then aligns the Committee with the other top vote getters. [Note: a maximum
of two officers of the five core offices can be changed in any one election, per Charter.] The President can review any other votes for nominees who may be selected as Coordinators, although this is not a requirement.

Taika will write up a notecard explaining the process that can be sent to all the Magellan members and that Lannorra can post on the website. Scott has been doing a great service in cleaning up the Magellan Group so that it consists of actual sim owners and their partners.

The next main Agenda item is Ecstasyn, a sim in the Southern Magellan that has been in violation of the Magellan Charter for some time. Per the Charter, Scott has warned the owner four times (3 warnings and a final notice), waiting significant time between notices. He has also advised the renter and the owner of the group on the sim. He has even left messages in SL for the owner. To no avail. As a consequence, the Committee must take a vote on requesting that the sim be removed from Magellan.

The Committee shared their reluctance to take this step, while agreeing that it was essential to maintain the integrity of Magellan.

A motion was made (Carpaccio) and seconded (Sion) to remove the Ecstasyn sim. The vote was unanimous to remove it.

Another motion was made (Sion) and seconded (Carpaccio) to authorize Fleugar to cash out sufficient Izzies to have $15 to pay for the move.

Taika will write up the Support Ticket, and Fleugar will withdraw the funds (on Tuesday) to pay for the move.

More discussion about the mechanics of the AGM ensued.

Lannorra Sion asked whether the Magellan Center was advertised either in classified or land search. It is not. Discussion ensued regarding doing so, so that it can be more easily found. There will be more discussion in October.

A motion to adjourn was made (Sion) and seconded (Carpaccio) and unanimously supported. The meeting was adjourned at 1:11 PM.

Save The Date!

SAVE THE DATE! December 4 for Magellan Annual Meeting!

Magellan sim owners (and renters who would like to come) are all invited to the MAGELLAN ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING at Alinja on December 4 at 12 Noon!

The results of the Magellan Committee nominating and election process will be announced then!

It’s time for nominations to the Magellan Committee! According to the Magellan Charter, there are five (5) members on the Magellan Committee: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Communications are their portfolios. In addition to those five, the Magellan Committee seeks volunteer chairs for Sailing Competitions (assuming IWz figures out how to get good crossings back!), Cruising and Flying, Social Events, and Welcoming new Magellan residents. These positions are also part of the Magellan team.

Currently holding the Committee positions are Taika Wirsing, Scott Carpaccio, Lannorra Sion, Fleugar Variscan, with the Secretary position recently vacant. Other members are Daniel Carrigan, as leader of the Cruising arrangements.

Here’s the process: Magellan sim owners and their partners (sim owners = paying tier to IWz) may nominate avatars or self-nominate to serve on the Committee, however many that you would like, According to the Charter, only two of the five positions on the Committee can be changed at any one election, so at least three of the five will continue. Your vote helps determine who will leave and who will stay, and who might be added to the Committee…. so it’s important!

There has been the precedent for one Magellan renter to be a Committee representative, so if you owners know of someone who may be interested, DO nominate them! The renter should be a full sim (1/4 of a quad, at least) owner, have been a Magellan resident for at least 6 months, and enthusiastic about the promise of the Magellan concept..

Nominations should be sent to Scott Carpaccio or Taika Wirsing by October 28 by Midnight IWT.

The Final Ballot will then be sent out in early November to all Magellan sim owners and their partners, who are the only ones by Charter who can vote.

The results will be announced at the Magellan Annual Meeting at the Magellan Center on Alinja on December 4!

Get your nominations READY! and send them in!