Magellan Community Joins the Great Inworldz Discovery Tour!

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The Magellan Community is pleased to announce that they have several sims participating in the Great Inworldz Discovery Tour on the Iz’s Oceans.  You can pick up your map and LMs from the docks at IDI, or from any of the Magellan sims highlighted below.  The Tour can be done in any order and a free temp rez boat (graciously provided by Bridget Jennings) is set up at each location.  So you are free to disembark and explore each destination.  When you are ready to resume the tour, just head back to where you docked and rez a new boat.  The boat carries a captain and 2 passengers!

Magellan Community Sims on the Tour:

#4 on the Tour is Phantom Isles (Lannorra Sion)


Phantom Isles is part of the Phantom Rose estates, a light role play area.  There are 6 sims to explore above and below the ocean surface.

#5a on the Tour is Gregory Harbor (Dawg Carrigan)


Gregory Habor is part of a 4 sim estate with lovely seascapes and lots of places to explore, including the next stop…

#5b on the Tour is Ayr Harbor (Daniel Carriagn)


Ayr Harbor is also the location of the IWCC  (Inworldz Cruising Club)  Sailing Center, the site of many Inworldz/Magellan planned Cruises.  Daniel has volunteered much time to planning and hosting Sailing activities.  They have free sailing lessons, a free copy of the Sunny Day sailing boat and lots more.

#6 on the Tour is Kittywake Flows (Kelly4U Lynn)


Kittywake Flows is part of a 4 sim estate, with a lovely natural setting that you will love exploring.

#7 on the Tour is Redneck Riviera (Calnia Westland)


Redneck Riviera is a fun location with a Ferris Wheel, Merry-go-round, bumper cars coming soon and lots more to explore.

#8 on the Tour is actually 2 stops, Loggos Harbor and Picnic Island (Scott Carpaccio)

Loggos Harbor


Loggos Harbor is a picturesque spot with old world buildings.  Part of a large 6 sim estate, there is much to explore, including underwater caves, airport, shops, and more.

Picnic Island


Picnic Island is a wonderful natural setting, perfect for romantic picnics and a scenic walk!

Please try out the Great Inworldz Discovery Tour.  There are many other destinations that will prove to be fun and interesting to explore!

Fair winds and Following Seas,

Lannorra Sion


Changes abound at Magellan Seas!

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In the past few months, the Magellan Seas community has had some massive changes due to the new 2×2 quad sim land configuration!  Many of our members have taken advantage of this new opportunity and have expanded, converted and even moved.

As Community Liaison Officer for Magellan, I have been keeping excel spreadsheets of all our members with their sim/scenic names and locations.  In addition, I have made another spreadsheet that uses the cells as map coordinates, so I have my own map of our area.

Once the changes have settled down, I will have both of these spreadsheets updated and will blog about some of our newest sims.

I would like to invite our community members to submit short descriptions and pictures that describes their lands, to me to help me get blogs out quicker.  Please put them into a folder and drop on me, with an IM to let me know you sent them.

With all the new changes to our community, I need some help in getting the word out and hope to hear from you all soon!

Fair Winds and Following Seas,


Magellan Sea Inworldz – Southern Rez sites

Magellan Sea logo

The Magellan Sea Community Southern Rez Sites

One of the ongoing projects we have at Magellan is providing open access for sailing and flying.  Land owners in the community agree to keep sailing lanes and skies open for the enjoyment of all Inworldz residents!  As part of this effort, the Magellan welcome area maintains a voluntary list of “Rez Points” for boats and aircraft.

Land owners make open build areas (usually with a reasonable return object time limit), where anyone can rez and enjoy the many sims in our community.  And given that almost all these sims are connected to the navigable Iz’s Oceans and each other, this gives a wonderful amount of space to enjoy!

The Magellan Sea Community is split into 2 distinct areas that are roughly, South or North of the Iz’s Oceans.

For this article I am going to talk about the “Southern” Magellan lands.  I recently checked out Rez spots and took some pictures to give you a tantalizing look at what you could be enjoying (including my own sim, Phantom Rose… *wink*).

I am not going to include IZurl’s here as things do change and the best idea is for you to get a fresh copy of the Landmarks list from the Magellan Welcome area


welcome center 1_001

Welcome Center

welcome center 1_002

Welcome Center

Now lets take a look at some of the great sims you can visit!

Magellan Ayr Harbor_001

Ayr Harbor

Magellan Gregory Harbor (Ayr)_001

Gregory Harbor (Ayr)


Magellan Dragons Gate Harbor_001

Dragon’s Gate Harbor


Magellan Phantom Rose Harbor_001

Phantom Rose Harbor





Magellan Takamaka_001



caproni rez area

Caproni Rez area (Ionia)


Goldape Estates Rez (Coral Cape Is)

Goldape Estates Rez (Coral Cape Is)


Magellan Bilavio's Secret Seascape (Paradise Way)_001

Bilavio’s Secret Sea Scape (Paradise Way)

Magellan Bilavio's Paradise Cove ll_001

Bilavio’s Paradise Cove ll


magellan longacre meadows to Longacre_001

Longacre Meadows 1

Magellan Longacre_001

Longacre Meadows 2


magellan lazy river at Loggos Harbor_001

Lazy River at Loggos Harbor

magellan Loggos Harbor_001

Loggos Harbor


magellan Picnic Island_001

Picnic Island


magellan Judique rezz zone_001

Rez Area 1, Judique

magellan Judique rezz zone 2_002

Rez Area 2, Judique


magellan Baxters Cove rezz zone_001

Baxter’s Cove


Wow, that’s a lot of area for you to cover and I hope you will take time to come visit.  This is not a complete list of the sims in the Southern Magellan Community.  These are specific public Rez area’s.  But all sims in Magellan are open to the public in some capacity.  And many, like my sim, offer free boats or other modes of transportation for their guests!  So come check us out; you will be glad you did.

I hope you enjoyed this article.  Next time I will cover the Northern Lands of the Magellan Sea Community.

Fair Winds and Following Seas,


Sailing Update!

Magellan Sea logo

Sailing updates 2014-2015 by Lamat Lisle

“Nothing but gooooood news!”

Lamat presented her Sailing update at the last meeting.  Here are some highlights:

She has been busy collecting sailing scripts from the SL Sailing Community.

“Mothgirl Dibou (who developed the Flying Fizz in IW) has been so kind to give me her scripts full perms and also her windsetter, the WWC wind system, which everyone uses to race in SL. The Flying Fizz scripts are very complex and it will take a while before I can adjust them for IW use.” 

“However; the BWind 1.37 sailing scripts by Becca Moulliez are already used in IW (Tenbears and Bridget made some boats with them), but still it doesn’t come anywhere near real sailing experience close to what we are used to in SL.”

She has been busy working on the BWind scripts with some help from Balpien Hammerer and Tranquility Dexter.  And …

“In the meantime I am working on a boat that uses both BWind and the famous WWC race wind in a menu choice. In combination with a windsetter that defines the winds waves and currents, for all participating boats in a race, this will be a very nice feature and it  can also be set to cruise  wind. I managed to adjust those scripts to make them suitable for IW and I am laying the last hand on a racing dinghy (470 Olympic boat) that will be released in just a few weeks, together with the WWC wind system.”

Lamat also said she has news that Becca Moulliez ( BWind) is going to release her 2.0 version of the script full perms soon and Lamat will ask her to release it to Inworldz also. This will be another step forward in the way a boat reacts more realistically to winds, waves, and etc.

Lamat has been chosen to be a member on the SLSAILING.CO (OSSSP) forum. This board is trying to develop a new sailing script. The goal is to create a full Open Source package for builders in SL. And Lamat will take it to Inworldz.  The forum is now also looking to Inworldz Sailing and Lamat thinks we might also get “racing startlines”.

She will next ask the founders for permissions to set up race buoys to set up a racing course in the Iz’s Oceans and Straits.

In closing, Lamat told the members:

“Cruising and racing in IW will soon be here and we also will see some great boats in the near future with a REAL sailing feel! Daniel Carrigan is already organising cruising trips on sundays, and many more will follow as soon as we have the boats ready and running. 

All in all, things are looking great for 2015!”

My next Blog post will have information about the many Boating Rez areas of the Magellan Community!

Fair Winds and Following Seas,


Growing into the New Year – Magellan Sea 2015!

Magellan Sea logo

It’s been awhile since our last posting, so let me bring you all up to date.

I am Lannorra Sion and have been part of Magellan for a few years now.  I volunteered to contribute some articles for the Blog at our last meeting in December, 2014.

First I want to give you a recap from the Brainstorming Meeting we had last December.

Present:  Lannorra Sion, Nickola Martynov, Kindjal Quan, Taika Wirsing, Anna  Loom, XiuLan Quan, Anyraya Braveheart, Allod Tolwen, David Bilavio, Leanna Caerndow, Kelly4u Lynn, Sandra311 Mocha, Ciara Thirty.  Guest:  Arkady Arkright

Anna Loom presided and categorized the meeting as a Brainstorming meeting, noting there had not been an AGM meeting in 2014 because very little had happened.

 There are some Committee officer vacancies to fill:  Treasurer (Tian Ansar had left); Secretary (Hamish Stuart had indicated he no longer had time); and some others.

A lively brainstorming discussion ensued, which included ideas on marketing (David Bilavio and Lannorra Sion volunteered), discussion about the sailing advances, Nickola suggested a rowing course for InShape, and Xiulan suggested visiting the Magellan owners and do feature pieces on them in the blog.

Meeting adjourned after about an hour and a half.

In Lieu of a formal AGM meeting, the remainder of the Magellan Committee appointed residents to fill vacancies:

 David Bilavio was appointed Treasurer

Taika Wirsing was appointed Secretary, thereby vacating her prior position

Lannorra Sion was appointed to the Committee as Community Liaison Officer

Lamat Lisle continued as Sailing Captain

Leanna Caerndow and XiuLan Quan were asked to share communications with Twitter and the Blog with Lannorra Sion, who would be contributing articles this year.

Responsibilities.  David Bilavio was asked to help with marketing, and Lannorra Sion offered to help as well.

So that brings you all up to date on Magellan Committee information.

In my next post, I will have some sailing news!

Fair Winds and Following Seas,

Lannorra Sion.